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San Diego City 10 Years Agreement with Motorola Solutions for $51,050,000

Posted: Mon Oct 25, 2021 4:25 pm
by Brian
Item 201:  October 25, 2021
Approval of Agreement with Motorola Solutions, Inc., for the Public Safety Radio Modernization Project.
Total Estimated Cost of Proposed Action and Funding Source:
The cost of this agreement is not-to-exceed $51,050,000 for a term of 10 years. This agreement will be funded by the Debt Funded General Fund Equipment Fund and Wireless Communications Technology Fund.
Council District(s) Affected:  Citywide.
Proposed Actions:
Introduction of an Ordinance authorizing the Mayor, or his designee, to enter into a Contract with Motorola Solutions, Inc., in an amount not-to-exceed $51,050,000 over a ten (10) year term, to provide public safety radios and related services.

Approval of Agreement with Motorola Solutions, Inc. for the Public Safety Radio Modernization Project - This City Council Action requests approval for the City of San Diego to enter a 10-year term contract with Motorola Solutions, Inc for an amount not to exceed $51,050,000 to modernize the City’s public safety radios. Modernization and improvements have been made to the City’s public safety radio communication infrastructure and mountaintop towers over the past three years to move the City from analog to digital technology. The requested contract will provide modern digital radios and support to replace end of life radios used by the City’s first responders. ... &doctype=1

Item 201 Passes Unanimously