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CALFIRE/County Fire - Zone 10 and Zone 11 Talkgroups Layout Assignments

Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2022 5:35 pm
by Brian
Good info post worth saving….

CALFIRE/County Fire use changed several months ago. See below.

Zone 10 primary use is for routine incident assignments (medical, service calls, misc. hazards, traffic collision (no extrication), etc.)
Zone 11 use- *Think anything a Battalion Chief would normally respond to. Structure Fires, traffic collisions w/ extrication, etc.

Assignments are:
10A/11A: Dispatch
10B/11B: Admin traffic to ECC
10C/10D: Batt 1/7
10E/10F: Batt 5/8
10G/H: Batt 2/3/4
10I/10J: Incident
10K: VHF back-up
10L/M/N: Incident
10P: Emergency

11C/D/E: Incident South
11/F/G/H: Incident South
11I/J/K: Incident North
11L/M/N: Incident North
11P: Emergency

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