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Uniden NXDN Upgrade for BCD436HP and BCD536HP Now Available

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 12:26 pm
by Brian
Uniden BCD436HP and BCD536HP NXDN Upgrade... :D 8-)

March 26,2018

NXDN Support Comes to the BCD436HP and BCD536HP
The long-awaited upgrade to support scanning NXDN digital systems is now available for the BCD436HP and BCD536HP scanners from Uniden. This upgrade allows you to program these scanners to trunk track NXDN 4800 and NXDN 9600 systems, as well as NXDN Single-Channel Trunking and Icom’s IDAS™ trunking. Also, in conventional mode, this upgrade allows you to select the RAN and Area for NXDN transmissions.
Upon release, the price for this upgrade will be $30. Once Sentinel has been updated to provide NXDN support, the price will increase to $60. ... -bcd536hp/

BCDx36HP Firmware 1.14.00 Available
This firmware update includes the following new features or improvements:
* Support NXDN Trunking, NXDN One-Frequency Trunking, and Icom IDAS Trunking Upgrade
* Allows the selection of RAN and Area in conventional programming.
* Supports Motorola and Harris P25 Patch ID
* Supports Extended Addressing EDACS Patch IDs
* Improved simplex DMR reception with auto threshold
* Adds support for NXDN to Analyze and LCN Finder functions
* Improves P25 Phase 2 Encryption Muting
* Corrected an issue where the anaylze function could cause the scanner to reboot
* Added ENC and NAC display for conventional and search modes
* Corrected an issue where selecting "Stop All Avoiding" did not remove avoid from all items. ... lable.html


BCD436HP Receiving NXDN - From Upman Youtube page.

BCD436HP NXDN 9600 9 Channel Trunk



ARC536 software for Uniden BCD536HP and BCD436HP SDS100 SDS200 SDS500 scanners.

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Re: Uniden NXDN Upgrade for BCD436HP and BCD536HP Now Available

Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:40 am
by Brian
Uniden NXDN Support Comes to the BCD436HP and BCD536HP.




NXD = Uncertain NXDN


The System ID is split into three Categories based on system size. This determines the number of system and site ids.
Global - System Ids 1 to 1022 with Site Ids 1 to 4094
Regional - System Ids 1 to 16382 with Site Ids 1 to 254
Local - System Ids 1 to 131070 with Site Ids 1 to 30

L31-xx (MRA) = Local and upto 30 Sites.

BCDx36HP Firmware 1.15.00 Available Apply using Sentinel

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:45 am
by Brian
BCDx36HP Firmware 1.15.00 Available
Apply using Sentinel.

1.15.00 Release Notes (04/20/2018)
Support TGID 0 in NXDN Trunk/OFT
Support NXDN Over The Air Alias
Modified the receiving operations for IDAS Trunk
Modified the receiving operation for NXDN Direct Frequency Assignment version
Adjust auto threshold calculation for NXDN
Adjust muting for NXDN Encryption
Improved trunk tracking for DMR RAS
Improved the decoding for Simplex DMR waiting with digital mode
Changed operations for encrypted audio, Scan is skipped, Search stays, and Trunked Discovery logs ENCRYPTED
Changed operations for site scan in ID scan hold mode
Fixed the issue of ignored setting NAC
Fixed the issue that back light is not turned off in minus delay for conventional DMR and NXDN
Added remote command MSM (MSM, nnn = Go to Mass Storage Mode for nnn seconds, then reboot to serial mode)

Support TGID 0 in NXDN Trunk/OFT
This will fix the issue of not passing group call traffic, resulting in having to program many NXDN sites as conventional. Now, program as OFT (or Trunked) and get all traffic, including group call.

Support NXDN Over The Air Alias
If you don't have an alpha assigned and an OTAA is received, the OTAA will be shown.

Changed operations for site scan in ID scan hold mode
Now, when you hold on a talk group, the scanner will check all scanned sites for activity on that talk group. Previously, holding a talk group "stuck" the scanner on whatever site was being scanned at the moment the talk group was held. If you want to hold on the site, hold the site (independently of holding the channel).

Remote command MSM
Have had many requests from developers to be able to remotely program the scanner. The problem was that there was no way to go into mass storage mode remotely. And, even if you could, there was no way to get back out of mass storage mode. Now, you can issue MSM,600 (for example) and then spend the next 600 seconds (10 minutes) pushing programming to the scanner. When the timer expires, the scanner reboots back to serial mode. It does take several seconds to go into mass storage, so that needs to be allowed for when remote programming.

You should take great care to complete all file operations before the timer expires. Ideally, also have the computer unmount the scanner to ensure no "orphan" bits are left unwritten to the SD card prior to its timed reboot.
1.16.00 Release Notes (04/23/2018)
Corrected a bug that caused open squelch on previous version.
1.17.00 Release Notes (04/27/2018)
Modified the method for detecting the NXDN type
Modified receive operation for NXDN DFA systems
Modified receive operation for IDAS Trunked systems
Accepted the updating of NXDN Alias data
Improved trunk tracking for DMR RAS systems
Changed the LCN finder operation for CAP+ systems
Modified recording operation for encrypted audio during conventional scanning
Fixed an issue that caused noise over Wi-Fi.
Updating your Scanner's Firmware ... wareUpdate ... wareUpdate

Re: Uniden NXDN Upgrade for BCD436HP and BCD536HP Now Available

Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 2:23 pm
by Brian
NXDN Comes to BCD325P2 and BCD996P2 ... p2.386105/