Unication G4 Pager

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Unication G4 Pager

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Hello.. Does anybody have a Unication G4 Pager? I currently purchased 1 but, for some reason I am not receiving anything just 1 ems channel. My Uniden SDS picks up more. I think I did something wrong. I am currently visiting my mom here in Imperial County for 4 months... Can someone help me out with a code plug🥺 for Imperial County. I am having trouble programming the G4 because I am new to this stuff. Thank you .
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Re: Unication G4 Pager

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I hope you've figured it out by now.

They are very different than other equipment and it takes a lot of work to configure them. I have been trying to develop a professional grade code plug for one system with about 17,000 radios and it has cost about $1,500 in expenses so far. I have a pretty good data set but it's still a lot of work. Also, Radio Reference data may be a starting point but is not suitable for getting your G4 running.

One system I viewed showed 38 sites (P25 Sites) in their data. I show 45 sites. What's more, the G4 does not affiliate with sites. There are two sites on this system that do not carry a specific talkgroup of interest unless somebody's radio affiliates with the site. If you're listing to a talkgroup that isn't carried, you see a great signal but the talkgroup will never say anything. The site does not carry it. It takes a long time to figure all of this out.

Example: I listen to talkgroup 24399. My radio is configured with every site on the system. Talkgroup 24399 is carried on all sites except (made-up site names) Outlying Canyon and Lake Landfill. If my G4 connects to Outlying Canyon, I never hear anything.

Some sites only carry talkgroups if a unit affiliates. It can be carried in Rigor Mountain (made-up site name) but only when somebody's radio affiliates with it. If your G4 is on Rigor's control channel, you'll hear nothing unless somebody affiliates.

I don't want to discourage you but it's a big effort and it costs a lot of hours.
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