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San Diego-Los Angeles TV Stations Broadcasting ATSC 3.0 and ATSC 3.0 Tuner Hardware products for home - NextGenTV

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ATSC 3.0 Deployments: Where and When Will NextGen TV be Available...
(ATSC) = Advanced Television Systems Committee

ATSC 3.0 TV Stations Channels List

• San Diego, CA

FCC requires a 30 day notice before commencement of ATSC3 service on the Lighthouse station.

ATSC expects 60 markets to launch NextGen TV by mid-2021 ... -available

ATSC 3.0, also known by the moniker ‘NextGen TV’.
U.S. stations broadcasting in ATSC 3.0
If a United States broadcaster elects to begin transmission of ATSC 3.0, they must also broadcast ATSC 1.0 signals for at least five years thereafter. There is not a mandatory transition or deadline to transition to ATSC 3.0

Here are the features NEXTGEN TV offers
Eventually, you’ll notice exciting new features of NEXTGEN TV. Pearl TV listed the following benefits of the new broadcasting standard:

Brilliant Video: NEXTGEN TV viewers will see 4K UHD HDR video with an ultra-vivid picture, brighter highlights and darker shadows. Highlights are up to 40 times brighter and blacks are 10 times darker than in a standard picture.

Enhanced Audio: NEXTGEN TV provides consistent volume across channels and crystal-clear dialog with Voice+, which allows every voice to be clearly heard. It uses the Dolby Audio System powered by Dolby AC-4. It is available to viewers the moment their NEXTGEN TV is set up.

Connected Content: The internet connection will help viewers get the most out of live sports, news, events and more as they happen.
Upgradable: A NEXTGEN TV purchased today is designed to be upgradable with the advancements of tomorrow. TV manufacturers can upgrade NEXTGEN TV sets connected to the internet with firmware updates just as today’s Smart TV manufacturers can. Those upgrades will accommodate new features to be launched in the future.

Robust Broadcast Signal: NEXTGEN TV will allow broadcasts that are more robust than current over-the-air signals. That means an indoor antenna will work fine for most viewers to pick up a NEXTGEN TV signal.

ATSC 3.0: What you need to know about the future of broadcast television ... elevision/

Free antenna TV is getting an upgrade and it might be in your town already
4K, HDR, 120Hz refresh rates and better indoor reception are coming to US airwaves for free thanks to ATSC 3.0, aka NextGen TV. ... eady-here/

What is Next Generation TV?
The next generation of broadcast television technology is right around the corner. NEXTGEN TV, also known as ATSC 3.0, offers 4K ultra high definition video quality, theater-like sound, mobile reception and innovative new features to enhance and expand your broadcast viewing experience. NEXTGEN TV lets local TV stations better personalize their broadcasts with information and interactive features so you can get the content and features most relevant to you. For broadcasters, this means a more compelling and interactive way to tell our stories, whether it is breaking news, live sports or your favorite drama or reality show.

Right now, ATSC 3.0 uses the H.265 HEVC codec for video delivery because of its efficiency gains over the much older H.262 MPEG-2 codec used in ATSC 1.0.
ATSC 3.0 isn’t married to a single video format. Over time and through upgrades, it will be able to adopt new codecs like the recently finalized H.266 VVC codec, which is the leading candidate to usher in 8K when that time comes. ... lby-atmos/

Free Over-the-Air TV Is Going to Get Better
A new TV standard will support 4K video and mobile devices—but will it still be free? ... et-better/

Sinclair’s ‘Next Gen TV’ Is Positioned to Start Data Collection on 72% of US Households.
“We will have perfect data all the time” says Sinclair exec about new TV broadcast technology that enables them to collect data on consumers through TV sets and mobile devices.

ATSC 3.0: NextGen TV Has Finally Arrived
February 15, 2022 article
The premise of the ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard is that it brings viewers the interactive features streaming has always offered, plus a number of new and improved features, via a one-to-many over-the-air (OTA) delivery. Because this is Streaming Media magazine, I'll focus on the features that are of particular interest to streaming professionals. ... eID=151432

Better TV is here, and it’s not from where you might expect.
February 3, 2022 Article:
ATSC 3.0 is set to change how we can access television and data. And Canada's right in the thick of the innovation.

NextGen TV Expands O&O, Delivers First-Party Data.
Beyond the technology upgrade, TV stations are receiving a significant upgrade in advertising potential. ... party-data

MediaTek is now building ATSC 3 into its Smart TV platforms. ... conference
8 Best Features of the MediaTek Pentonic 2000 for 8KTVs ... -for-8ktvs

ATSC 3.0: Everything You Need to Know About the Broadcast Industry's 'NextGen' Technology Standard.
November, 2021 ... nextgen-tv

A coalition of manufacturers and developers dedicated to advanced services and applications for NextGen TV

Broadcasters eye datacasting for early 3.0 revenues.
BitPath is going to be doing some location services field trials in the first quarter of 2022. ... -revenues/

A single ATSC 3.0 transmitter could carry all of the AM signals in a market, in addition to TV programs. ... e-shoulder Technical Documents

ATSC Standard: Dedicated Return Channel for ATSC 3.0 ... hannel.pdf

Public TV’s early adopters prepare to put ATSC 3.0 plans into action.
For several years now, broadcasters have been awaiting the real-world arrival of Next Gen TV, the new ATSC 3.0 digital TV transmission standard. Its promises of more robust home and mobile reception, increased data capacity, greater interactivity and improved picture quality.
With rollout slowed in 2020 by the COVID-19 pandemic, “ATSC 3,” its shorthand name among engineers, is poised to move closer to real-world implementation in 2021. ... nto-action

Serving the Public with Advanced Emergency Alerting and informing (AEA&I)
In addition to EAS, NextGenTV offers enhanced public safety applications, including: live weather radar, evacuation routes, and connecting first responders with critical information
ATSC 3.0 - AEA&I brings the audience alerts/warnings & critical information to make life saving decisions.
AEA&I is very different than EAS
It does not interrupt programming. It is very targeted
Users control alerts and information, they receive and how AEA&I provides communications for first responders and opportunities to reach instantly those affected.

ATSC 3.0 white paper
ATSC 3.0 ensures an immediate solution to America’s demand for high-speed internet.
How the latest standard enables TV broadcasters to mass distribute Internet Protocol (IP) data, creating new business opportunities and delivering critical public service improvements.
What is ATSC 3.0?
Learn how ATSC 3.0 works and its key benefits.
ATSC 3.0 is the next generation of TV broadcasting, enabling broadcasters to mass distribute Internet Protocol (IP) data. What does this mean in a digital content-focused world? We break down how ATSC 3.0 works, explore its benefits and challenges, and look at emerging applications. ... -paper.pdf

ATSC 3.0 is the latest broadcast standard approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2017. By upgrading to 3.0, broadcasters can enhance live video content experience for their viewers and gain the ability to deliver any type of internet data, whether text, audio, video, or software, as well as advanced Global Positioning System (GPS) data, to their live video broadcast. ... tions.html

The International Telecommunication Union has published 2 documents on planning and testing of ATSC 3.0.
Report ITU-R BT.2495-0 (11/2021)
Methods for laboratory and field measurements for the assessment of ATSC 3.0 reception quality ... -PDF-E.pdf

Sony White Paper Examines ATSC 3.0 File Delivery To Multiple Markets. ... arkets.pdf

ATSC Standard: ATSC 3.0 System (A/300) ... dard-3.pdf

A Report To The Corporation for Public Broadcasting Regarding
ATSC 3 Digital Television Implementation for Public Television
January 31, 2018 ... _PAPER.pdf

Next Gen Interactive TV & Advanced Emergency Alerting and Informing - 2020 Video.

Next Gen TV Considerations
for Public Media
Planning for the Rollout of ATSC 3.0 in Local Markets June 2019 ... _Media.pdf

Next Gen TV Could Be Another Tool in Public Safety Arsenal
Next Gen TV, or Advanced Television Systems Committee standard, has the potential to enhance communication for EMS and fire agencies still reliant on 60-year-old technology.

With the advent of ATSC 3.0/Next Gen TV, which is based on Internet protocol and merges broadcast TV with the Internet, researchers hope they can channel more information simultaneously through broadcast television to give first responders more real-time data, video and other information, including alerts, more efficiently. ... senal.html

North Carolina Firm Receives DHS Funding for ATSC Public-Safety Paging Solution ... wsID/20929
https://www.criticalcommunicationsrevie ... nextgen-tv

APTS Public Media Summit Tackles NextGen TV
A summit session reviewed NextGen TV progress and opportunities for public broadcasters
Field testing is about to begin in North Carolina on an ATSC 3.0-based alternative to the analog paging systems first responders rely upon to receive dispatches telling them the location of where they are needed and the nature of the emergency at hand.
“Although we are confident that ATSC 3-delivered messages will far outperform the analog [paging] messages, we must prove that in a deliberate and accurate way. We cannot make any assumptions,”“People’s lives are at stake.”
The 3.0-based paging system promises to reduce significantly the time it takes to communicate information to first responders when compared to the system in use today.
Looking ahead, 75% of the population will be covered by a NextGen TV signal by the end of the summer, and 34 new markets will be on air by the end of 2022, she said ... nextgen-tv

Sinclair’s One Media to Offer Webinars Covering NextGen TV Broadcasts and Emergency Alerts.
The three part series will tackle the intricacies and advantages of using ATSC 3.0 to deliver Advanced Emergency Information.
Sinclair’s One Media 3.0 subsidiary has announced that it will be holding a three-part webinar series covering the delivery of Advanced Emergency Information using the NextGen TV broadcast standard, ATSC 3.0.
To be held virtually on consecutive Tuesdays in March (March 15, 22, 29 at 1:00 PM EST), the webinar series will take a deep dive into the new capabilities that the NextGen TV standard offers to warn and inform consumers of urgent events from weather to police actions to natural disasters and finding lost neighbors. ... ncy-alerts

ATSC 3.0 advocate:
The Case for an ATSC 3.0
Advanced Emergency Information Service

The Promise and Perils of NextGen TV Advertising and ATSC 3.0
When viewers were raptly watching the Super Bowl's many thrills a few weeks ago, TV stations in the Detroit market were getting an extra "wow" factor that the general public couldn't see. Equipment was lighting up with data showing how many homes were using advanced TV sets that could pick up ATSC 3.0 transmission signals -- the technology that can provide advertisers on traditional TV stations with ad targeting, dynamic ad insertion and attribution. ... d-atsc-30/

ATSC 3.0-Based First Responder Pager System.
ATSC 3 paging device receiver with a Bluetooth communication device to talk to a cell phone. ... ger-system
Summit Preview: PBS North Carolina CTO Fred Engel Discusses ATSC 3.0-Based First Responder Pager System.
On March 31 at the TV Tech Summit, Engel will discuss the trials and prototype receivers ... ger-system
APTS, PBS Urge FCC To Reject Cable Industry Proposals For ATSC 3.0 Rulemaking.
Proposals from NCTA and ATA are intended to “stymie NextGen TV deployments, they said. ... rulemaking
Weighing NextGen TV’s Business Case.
There’s nothing simple in adopting ATSC 3.0, where a reasonable, breakeven deployment remains cloudy. But failing to get an early seat on a lighthouse may also prove disastrous later.
There isn’t much of a business case for deploying ATSC 3.0 now. Since it’s IP-based, it is not backward compatible with the current ATSC 1.0 standard. That means the switch requires the purchase of additional equipment along with finding a way to simulcast all programming in ATSC 1.0 for an indefinite period of time. ... ness-case/
Ark Multicasting Demos ATSC 3.0 Standard And Business Model
Ark Multicasting, a low-power television broadcaster, last week gave the broadcast industry a sneak peek at what it is accomplishing together with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Trinity Broadcasting Network.
“Ark can transfer 45 exabytes in that same month — in just one city,”
The complete buildout will include some 300 stations covering 100 million people in the United States. ... ess-model/ ... onvention/
'NextGenTV' girds for scale as awareness of the new broadcast standard rises.
Pearl TV, plans to share more detail at this month's NAB show about how the industry is working to accelerate adoption of NextGenTV, and to show off advancements of "Run3TV," a platform that can be used to deliver interactive apps (such as advertising and sports scores) within the ATSC 3.0 signal to TV running various operating systems. ... -id/776493
NextGen TV: Pearl TV Announces RUN3TV To Enable Interactivity For Hybrid OTT-OTA ATSC 3.0 Service
RUN3TV allows stations to develop NextGen TV services that will drive greater viewer engagement
With RUN3TV, broadcasters control product vision, audience engagement and customer experience. They can choose their own technical partners as well as leverage contributions from the RUN3TV developer community, it said.
The fruits of RUN3TV development will make it possible for viewers to engage more deeply with content, spend additional time viewing and create several new revenue opportunities for broadcasters while viewers watch live broadcasts. Among the opportunities are advanced advertising for live and streaming content, gleaning greater insight about the audience and premium content distribution, Pearl said.
The new platform is being launched through ATSC 3.0 Framework Alliance LLC, a subsidiary of Pearl TV.
Run3TV gives broadcasters the ability to leverage the new ATSC 3.0 A/344 ... 30-service ... nextgen-tv
NextGen TV: Sinclair, USSI Global Announce Major Datacasting Pilot.
The groundbreaking datacasting pilot program will offer a critical test of how NextGen TV can be commercialized and turned into profitable businesses.
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. and USSI Global announced today that they will partner to offer the nation’s first commercial datacasting service using the NextGen Broadcast standard (ATSC 3.0). The pilot program will deliver local content, advertising, and data files to the rapidly growing Electric Vehicle Charging station market. 
The pilot will help validate the promise of datacasting as a commercial service for broadcasters with USSI Global combining its digital signage and managed services expertise with Sinclair’s NextGen Broadcast capabilities to provide this first-of-a-kind datacasting offering, the companies reported. ... ting-pilot
BitPath To Use ATSC 3.0 To Launch New Navigation Services.
Stations can participate simultaneously with over-the-air TV broadcasts.
BitPath, owned by TV station owners including Nexstar and Sinclair, said it will launch its ATSC 3.0 broadcast data network this year and that its first product will provide position, navigation and timing services.
BitPath said its BitPoint and NavPath are more accurate than GPS and more efficient that currently available precision services. The new services will be particularly useful in urban areas for things like delivering packages and directing rideshare vehicles. ... n-services
Evoca Announces U.S. NextGen TV First.
The demo by Evoca and its tech partners could lead to vast spectrum efficiencies in broadcast TV, potentially doubling effective capacity.
In a demo with its tech partners, Evoca has successfully transmitted television content using the cross-polarization functionality of the ATSC 3.0 standard, the first time this has been done in the U.S.
“One of the very interesting capabilities of the new ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard is the ability to use both horizontally-polarized and vertically-polarized transmission and reception, a functionality that the industry calls Multiple Input and Multiple Output, or ‘MIMO’ for short,”
MIMO has the potential to dramatically increase the available payload for TV broadcasts, possibly even doubling the amount of data that a broadcaster can send to improve choice and robustness. That could mean many more standard and high-definition channels for viewers, the potential of more than one Ultra High-Definition 4K service, or even the possibility of 8K video delivered over-the-air,” ... n-tv-first
America’s Emergency Network, LLC to Deploy ATSC 3.0 Advanced Emergency Information, Related Services Nationwide.
Demonstrating delivery of rich-media alerts to battery-powered receivers at NAB Show; AEN Alert works even when cell, power and internet are unavailable
America’s Emergency Network, LLC (AEN) of Washington, D.C. announces an Advanced Emergency Information (AEI) network using ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV. With the introduction of AEN, authorized alert originators such as the National Weather Service, ShakeAlert and local emergency managers will be able to send actionable, geo-targeted rich-media messages even when power, cellular and internet fail.
AEN Alert is a rich-media-capable emergency notification system that rapidly delivers secure, alerts to residents, schools, hospitals, commercial and industrial facilities that could provide timely warning to individuals before a disaster arrives. These alerts will be actionable by providing information such as evacuation routes, flood maps and video snippets from authorized and trusted originators (such as sheriffs and emergency managers). AEN will help save lives and reduce injuries by giving people the information they need to take protective action.
AEN marries ATSC 3.0 to the existing Alert FM ( which uses the Radio Data System in 12 states. (RDS delivers call letters, song and title to car radios.) Alert FM serves an extensive network of local alert originators, which is their current customer base, and distributes through FM radio stations. Alert FM is licensed by USGS to deliver ShakeAlert ( earthquake warnings on the West Coast in five seconds or less. The integrated FM/ATSC 3.0 system will provide multiple redundant backup transmitters connected by satellite to provide secure transmission of a single point-to-multipoint messaging, layered by geo-targeted groupings. ... ationwide/
Verance ATSC 3.0 Watermark Detection, Implemented First On LG NextGen TVs, Poised To Expand Interactive Services.
April 26, 2022
Verance said today that LG Electronics is the first television manufacturer to implement ATSC 3.0 watermark detection on NextGen TVs — expected to enable reception of new interactive experiences via cable, satellite or antenna reception.
This spring, dozens of 2022 and 2021 LG NextGen TV models will receive a firmware update for the Verance Aspect watermark technology. They include premium 8K and 4K Ultra HD LG OLED models ranging from 55-to 97-inch class sizes (measured diagonally).
With watermark capability on LG NextGen TVs, cable networks and regional sports networks are now able to join local TV stations and national networks in planning to bring interactive capabilities to the living room.

As the two-way interactive capabilities of NextGen TV expand to additional households, consumers will enjoy more customized and localized experiences. Interactive opportunities on the horizon include:
• Sports Interactivity: personalized screens for the teams and players that individual viewers care about — track stats in real time and monitor individual fantasy teams.
• Hometown Announcers: change the audio announcer on favorite sports teams — listen to Joe Buck, Peyton Manning or a local announcer.
• Watch Party: connect with friends, chat live while watching together, interact with votes, polls and trivia questions.
• Personalized News & Weather: engage with a personalized news experience customized with news and weather for your local neighborhood.
• Show Extras: access bonus content related to the show you are watching — access extended scenes, actor interviews and post-show recaps at the click of a button.
The Verance Aspect watermark provides a high-performance, commercial implementation of the ATSC A/334 audio watermark standard. LG is the first to launch watermark detection commercially in tandem with major broadcasters deploying the watermark across the United States, bringing enhanced ATSC 3.0 capabilities to 2022 and 2021 LG NextGen TV sets.
The watermark detection process allows the information required for two-way next-generation services in a connected smart TV set to pass through any distribution environment seamlessly, including over HDMI links and through existing distribution equipment and set-top boxes. Without watermarking, viewers receiving television service via cable, satellite and over-the-top distribution paths (over 80% of U.S. households) will be unable to receive ATSC 3.0 interactive services. ... -services/
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ATSC 3.0 Tuner Hardware, ATSC 3.0 related DVR Software, ATSC 3.0 Discussion Forums - ATSC 3.0 Social Media Links - ATSC

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LTE/5G Filter
The Channel Master LTE Filter improves over the air (antenna) signals by filtering out mobile LTE signal interference.
The Channel Master LTE Filter is designed to clear your OTA TV signal path from the common interference created by mobile LTE signals. ... er-cm-3201
LTE filters for TV antennas: What they are and do you need one?
LTE broadband signals can mess up your TV reception. Here's how to fix the problem ... ennas.html

ATSC 3.0 Tuner Hardware:

SiliconDust HDHomeRun SCRIBE 4K - (4 tuners) - $279.99
• ATSC 3.0 (on 2 tuners)
• ATSC 1.0 (on 4 tuners)
1TB internal hard disk

SiliconDust HDHomeRun FLEX 4K - (4 tuners) - $199.99
• ATSC 3.0 (on 2 tuners)
• ATSC 1.0 (on 4 tuners)

HDHomeRun Flex 4K review: A cheap and easy way to get NextGenTV
This tiny device streams broadcast TV, including ATSC 3.0 channels, to every device on your home network. - MARCH 22, 2022 ... eview.html

Only 1 Subscription needed per entire household. We do not limit the number of users, the number of HDHomeRun Tuners from which you may record from, nor the number of simultaneous, compatible, devices on which user can view recorded content. ... ware/#main

Look up the IP address of your HDHomeRun tuner by visiting and copy the URL of your HDHomeRun.

HDHomeRun HTTP Development Guide ... opment.pdf ... hp?t=16449


Tablo ATSC 3.0 QUAD HDMI – A Tablo DVR for NextGen TV
Tablo ATSC 3.0 QUAD HDMI OTA DVR is available for pre-order now exclusively at at an MSRP of $299.99 US with an anticipated ship date of spring 2022. ... extgen-tv/ ... d-skipping

Compatible Recording Storage Options

Tablo Will Delay the Release of Its ATSC 3.0 QUAD OTA DVR
April 15, 2022 ... d-ota-dvr/ ... 0-ota-dvr/ ... 7396708372

ZapperBox M1
Plan to start shipping the first units before the end of March 2022.
*$249 single tuner, $275 dual tuner & $329 quad tuner.
ZapperBox, Inc.
1776 22nd Street, Suite 200,
West Des Moines, Iowa, 50266, USA
Tel: 712-560-1850

ZapperBox Unboxing
Unboxing the first manufacturing pilot run for the ZapperBox M1

The first ATSC 3.0 set-top box to use BitRouter’s ATSC3pak
ZapperBox M1
The ZapperBox Model 1 is a consumer set-top box that uses the NXP i.MX 8M SoC. We’ll be showing the first prototype, in our demo suite at CES, running BitRouter’s ATSC3pak Binomial software. ZapperBox M1 will be available as a white box product that can branded for OEMs.
BitRouter, a leading provider of software for ATSC 3.0 receivers, today announced the availability of 3pi, a Linux-based, low-cost/low-power ATSC 3.0 and ATSC 1.0 headless receiver based on the Raspberry Pi platform.
BitRouter software can be found in products on millions of devices across the country.
BitRouter -
Corporate Office:
1644 Bahia Vista Way, San Diego, CA 92037
Engineering Office:
1776 22nd Street, Suite 200, West Des Moines, IA 50266 ... lications/ ... ebsite.pdf

VBox ATSC 3.0 Android TV Gateway
VBox’s new ATSC3.0 TV Gateway and ATSC3.0 Testbed enables the  recording and streaming of both  ATSC 1.0 and ATSC3.0 signals, as well as supports Emergency Alerting, Enhanced ESG, and various Broadcast and Interactive Applications – – all  accompanied by an SDK and testing documentation.

The VBox ATSC 3.0 Testbed – Version 2.5
Our Newest Release for NextGenTV Developers & System Integrators ... -402625210
More information about the VBox ATSC 3.0 TV Gateway can be found at.

Main office
5 Shenkar St.
Herzliya, Israel

New USB ATSC 3.0 Receiver Promises Affordable NextGen TV Reception
The DGI-NexGen-Solo is a 1.0 and 3.0 receiver in a USB 2.0 ultra-compact form factor
Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) Atlanta DTH this week announced its DGI-NexGen-Solo, a USB-powered plug-in ATSC 3.0 digital TV receiver designed for use with Android TV, Android set top boxes and the Windows and Linux operating systems. 
Shipping with software that turns an Android device or computer into a gateway to platforms, such as iOS and Roku devices, the product is compatible with third-party streaming media services like Plex.
The DGI-NexGen-Solo is a USB 2.0 ultra-compact plug-in with both an ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 tuner. Power is sourced directly from the USB port. The device has an integral screw-thread coax input for a TV antenna.
first deliveries to U.S. consumers are expected to begin in Q2 2022.
As an ODM, Atlanta DTH does not determine the retail price; however, Day estimates the DGI-NexGen-Solo will cost between $50 and $60. 
More information is available on the company’s website. ... -reception ... -digital-t

Atlanta DTH announces ATSC 3.0 gateway TV receiver
The ADTH ATSC 3.0 Gateway will make its first appearance on ADTH booth W7903 at the April 2022 NAB Show in Las Vegas.
February 23, 2022
the ATSC 3.0 Gateway comes with a control app which provides on-screen access to a wide range of features. TV channels can be selected via a grid-style electronic program guide and watched live, paused for up to 60 minutes or rewound for up to 5 minutes. Synopsis information is accessible for all listed programs. Closed caption subtitles can be activated to support viewers with impaired hearing. Dual tuners plus a built-in Wi-Fi 5 transmitter enable simultaneous viewing of the preselected channel or a second channel on mobile computers, electronic notepads or smart phones. ... 30-gateway ... -receiver/ ... _portfolio

Zinwell ZAT-600A / ZAT-600B
ATSC 3.0 Set Top Box
• Emergency Alerting System
• ATSC 3.0 Broadcast Application Compliant
• ATSC 3.0 / 1.0 Receiving Capability
• 4K UHD Video
• Remote Learning Application ... et-top-box

Geniatech ATSC 3.0 Set Top Box
Quad Core Set-top Box based on the i.MX8MQ series of SoCs.
APC810B developed based on the i.m.x8mq SoC. It can be used in the Consumer or Commercial market.APC810B is compatible with industrial SoC,

Geniatech ATSC3.0 TV Media Gateway
Next Gen ATSC 3.0 Home Media Gateway

currently available in: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho
Evoca is an entirely new way to watch TV that’s simple, dependable and accessible. Families get quality, affordable TV with no gimmicks, no hidden fees, and no contracts.
Pair our Scout receiver with any antenna, and you can watch the TV shows, movies, local news and live sports you love.

NextGen Pay TV Service Evoca Shutters After Last-Ditch Funding Attempt Fails
ATSC 3.0-based virtual pay TV service will discontinue service on Saturday December 31, 2020
Evoca TV, a Meridian, Idaho-based start-up that provided virtual pay TV service using ATSC 3.0 broadcast instead of the internet, shuttered on Dec. 31 2020, after a last-ditch effort to secure additional funding failed. Evoca told customers they can keep their leased Android TV-powered receivers, which are still useful for receiving local NextGen TV broadcast signals. ... empt-fails

CommScope is working with Evoca, a live TV service that delivers channels via ATSC 3.0 broadcast technology and streaming, on a new hybrid Android TV set-top box.
CommScope’s new VIP7802-ATSC—which runs Android TV and includes integrated dual multimode ATSC 3.0 and ATSC 1.0 tuners—will be called Pilot by Evoca.

Digital dongle extends bridge to ATSC 3.0
LAS VEGAS – NAB SHOW – Samsung, LG Electronics and Sony have put their collective weight behind ATSC 3.0 by equipping their TVs with receivers that can capture and utilize the emerging IP-based broadcast TV standard.
But a small company based in Copenhagen believes it has figured out a way to rapidly expand and scale and reach of ATSC 3.0, a standard that the broadcast industry has branded as "NextGen TV."
That company, Mediathand, has developed the Leaf, a hardware dongle powered by media gateway software.
It can be attached to a traditional router to capture IP-based ATSC 3.0 signals and convert them into streams that are compatible with smart TVs, streaming media players, tablets, smartphones and other devices that are not equipped with integrated ATSC 3.0 receivers.
Mediathand's Leaf is modular in that it can support multiple protocols, including ATSC 3.0. The aim is to integrate its technology into routers and to support multiple protocols, including ATSC 3.0, WiMax and DVBT2, in software.
Future target: Router integration
And the Leaf dongle is just the first phase of the plan. Mediathand's broader vision is to have its modular technology, which it bills as a "platform-as-a-service," integrated directly into broadband modems and gateways… if it can convince some of those consumer electronics companies to play ball. ... -id/777076
Your own ATSC transmitter with Software Defined Radio (SDR).
An ATSC 3.0 Transmitter for GNU Radio ... t-61448850
ATSC 3.0 TV Tuner USB Dongle Sticks:
Hopefully more USB ATSC 3.0 products coming soon!
and Portable TV handhelds ATSC 3.0


Channels DVR Server & Apps.
Apps for TV, Tablets, and Phones
Channels delivers a unified experience across all your TVs, devices, and streaming platforms
Channels APPS:
Channels DVR Server:

Plex - provides a more personalized and intuitive experience in one easy-to-use, powerful, and beautiful app. Whether you are interested in managing your personal media library or watching free Live TV or streaming 1000s of free movies or even playing retro games, Plex is the home for all your entertainment.

NextPVR - is a whole-home digital video recorder. The NextPVR server can be installed on Windows, Linux, Mac or Docker. Clients are available for a wide range of devices, allowing you access recordings and live TV throughout your home

Kodi - is the ultimate entertainment center software.
free and open source media player application

EMBY - Brings together your personal videos, music, photos, and live television.

Comparison of DVR software packages ... e_packages

Discussion Forums:

OTA - Over The Air Forums: ... s-info.46/

ATSC 3.0 deployment thread - ... ad/page/3/

AVSforum - Local HDTV Info and Reception ... eption.45/

Atsc 3.0 thread - AVSforum ... 8/page-239

San Diego, CA ... 66/page-62

Los Angeles, CA - OTA ... 2/page-571

San Francisco, CA - OTA ... 5/page-977

Sacramento, CA - OTA ... 6/page-581

Phoenix, AZ ... 3/page-606

Denver, CO - OTA ... 3/page-461


OTA - Reddit

CordCutters - Reddit

HDHomeRun - Reddit

TabloTV on Reddit

AndroidTV - Reddit

Roku - Reddit

fireTV - Reddit

Chromecast - Reddit

PleX - Plex Media Server - Reddit

Kodi - Reddit

ATSC 3.0 News:

ATSC @atsc_updates
The official Twitter account of the Advanced Television Systems Committee.

TVNewsCheck - Latest News - Latest News - Latest News

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California TV Stations Broadcasting ATSC 1.0 or ATSC 3.0

Post by Brian »

ATSC 3.0 Stations List

NextGen TV (ATSC 3.0) TxID
TxID code assignments for all licensed full- and low-power TV stations in the U.S. and within the licensing coordination zones in Canada and Mexico.
The table will be updated periodically as transmitter moves and new channel assignments are made, as reflected in the FCC Licensing and Management System (LMS) database.

San Miguel Mountain (CA) TV Stations - San Diego ... n+%28CA%29

Soledad Mountain (CA) TV Stations - San Diego ... n+%28CA%29

Mount Wilson (CA) TV Stations - Los Angeles ... n+%28CA%29

Study Location: MCAS Miramar/I-15 area
OTA - Over The Air Channels list.

Study Location: Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor area
OTA - Over The Air Channels list.


Digital TV Market Listing for KGTV (ABC San Diego) ... TV#station

Digital TV Market Listing for KFMB ( CBS San Diego) ... lsign=KFMB

Digital TV Market Listing for KNSD (NBC San Diego) ... sd#station

Digital TV Market Listing for KTTV (Fox LA) ... tv#station

Digital TV Market Listing for KTLA (CW5 LA) ... LA#station


ATSC 1.0 / ATSC 3.0 - Available Channels For
San Diego, California: ... t&mktid=34 ... o-ca-92102 ... _San_Diego ... Night.html
Los Angeles, California: ... et&mktid=2 ... os_Angeles

Desert Hot Springs / Edom Hill (CA) TV Stations ... l+%28CA%29 ... s-ca-92241 ... lm_Springs

List of over-the-air television stations in Bakersfield ... akersfield

List of over-the-air television stations in Santa Barbara-Santa Maria-San Luis Obispo ... uis_Obispo ... uis+Obispo

List of over-the-air television stations in Monterey-Salinas ... ey-Salinas ... ey-Salinas

List of over-the-air television stations in San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose ... d-San_Jose ... d-San+Jose

List of over-the-air television stations in Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto ... on-Modesto ... on-Modesto

List of over-the-air television stations in Fresno-Visalia ... no-Visalia

List of over-the-air television stations in Eureka ... _in_Eureka

List of over-the-air television stations in Yuma-El Centro ... -El_Centro


List of American over-the-air television stations ... n_stations

TV Frequency Bands
VHF Low (ch. 2-6) and FM = 54-88 MHz
VHF High (ch. 7-13) = 174-216 MHz
UHF RF (ch. 14 - 36) = 470-608MHz ... requencies

Transmitter Locator

Select > Purpose: Modification of License (Next Gen) ... earch.html
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Joined: Thu Oct 21, 2004 8:54 pm

San Diego-Los Angeles ATSC 3.0 - Santa Barbara - Sacramento - TV Stations Broadcasting ATSC 3.0

Post by Brian »

KTTV Fox 11 begin to broadcast in a new digital format called ATSC 3.0.

On Thursday, December 9 at 10:00 a.m. PT, KTTV, Los Angeles, California will begin to broadcast in a new digital format called ATSC 3.0. We will also continue to broadcast in the current format, so that you will still be able to watch FOX programming over the air on your current television set, but you will need to rescan your television set on December 9, 2021 after 10:00 a.m. PT in order to continue receiving that broadcast. The call sign will continue to be KTTV, and the channel on your set will continue to be channel 11. ... sting-kttv

Fox Stations, Nexstar Launch NextGen TV In L.A.
KTTV, KCOP and KTLA become the first stations in DMA No. 2 to power up ATSC 3.0 technology.
NextGen TV made its debut in the second largest television market in the United States on Thursday when Fox Television Stations’ KTTV (Fox) and KCOP (MNT) and Nexstar Media Group’s KTLA (CW) began broadcasting the new ATSC 3.0 standard in Los Angeles. ... s-angeles/

Los Angeles, CA - OTA ... 2/page-561

Modification of a License for DTV Application
Call Sign: KTTV ... b&goBack=N ... d&goBack=N


Southern California Gets Its NEXTGEN TV

Now, everyone in the nation’s second-largest market has access to NEXTGEN TV, the ATSC 3.0-powered digital broadcast standard. Making it possible across the Southland: Nexstar Media Group and FOX Television Stations.

This makes FOX’s KTTV-11 and MyNetworkTV sibling KCOP-13 and Nexstar’s West Coast flagship, former Tribune Media property KTLA-5, the first in L.A. to broadcast in NEXTGEN TV. ... extgen-tv/

KTTV-TV, KCOP-TV, and KTLA-TV Become First in Market to Convert to New ATSC 3.0 Technology
FOX 11, My13 and KTLA 5 are the first television stations in Los Angeles to begin broadcasting using the new technology. ... s-angeles/


NextGen TV: Six Sacramento TV Stations Launch Broadcasts
published July 09, 2021
Stations owned by CBS, Hearst, Nexstar, Tegna and Univision have started ATSC 3.0 broadcasts in the Central Valley

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—Residents in the Central Valley can now get a taste of the future as six Sacramento television stations have banded together to launch NextGenTV broadcasts. 
The six local stations launching the ATSC 3.0 broadcasts are KOVR (the CBS owned and operated station, Channel 13), Hearst Television-owned KCRA (NBC, Channel 3) and KQCA (MyNetwork, Channel 58), Nexstar-owned KTXL (Fox, Channel 40), Tegna’s KXTV (ABC, Channel 10), and Univision’s KUVS (Univision, Channel 19). Hearst’s KQCA is serving as the stations’ lighthouse for NextGen TV services for the market.

Sacramento is the first city in Northern California to launch commercial NextGen TV services, ... broadcasts

Residents in California’s Central Valley can now get a look at the future as six Sacramento television stations have banded together to launch NextGen TV (also known as ATSC 3.0).
Switching on the new transmission standard are CBS-owned KOVR, Hearst Television’s KCRA (NBC) and KQCA (MNT), Nexstar’s KTXL (Fox), Tegna’s KXTV (ABC) and Univision’s KUVS. Hearst’s KQCA is serving as the stations’ lighthouse for NextGen TV services. ... extgen-tv/

6 Sacramento Stations Launch NextGen TV
KOVR, KCRA, KQCA, KTXL, KXTV and KUVS are now broadcasting with ATSC 3.0 technology.
July, 2021 ... roadcasts/



November 1, 2018


KEYT NewsChannel 3 began the process of bringing new technology to broadcast television for Santa Barbara and the Central Coast.

Next Gen TV powered by ATSC 3.0 is now on the air in Santa Barbara, Calif.  Family-owned News-Press & Gazette Company (NPG) is investing to bring ATSC 3.0 broadcast TV to the nation’s 124th market.

NPG partnered with the National Association of Broadcasters, the Pearl TV business alliance and technology providers to launch the new ATSC 3.0 standard in Santa Barbara on KSBB-CD.
“Thanks to help from the NAB, Pearl TV, GatesAir, Unisoft, TitanTV and Triveni Digital, our 3.0 transmitter is live on-the-air and is ready to deliver to our community.

When fully implemented, News-Press & Gazette Company (NPG) will be offering an ATSC 3.0 signal to California’s Central Coast by way of KSBB-CD 17, a low-power TV station that has been serving as a simulcast partner of the company’s CBS affiliate for the region, KCOY-12 in Santa Maria, Calif.
The use of KSBB for ATSC 3.0 broadcasts is being done with the assistance of the NAB and the Pearl Alliance. ... a-barbara/ ... ta-barbara ... a-barbara/ ... a-barbara/ ... a-success/ ... y_id=60639


San Diego TV Station Broadcasting Hybrid FM-ATSC 3.0 Signal on TV Channel 6
Tests show signal is compatible both with current NextGen demodulation devices and analog FM tuners

A local San Diego low-power TV station is testing the broadcast of FM signals over ATSC 3.0 (aka "NextGen TV").
KRPE-LD San Diego, low power TV channel 6, atop Mt. San Miguel, is the first station in its market to broadcast ATSC 3.0. The FCC granted a Special Temporary Authorization (STA) for a signal on TV Channel 6, 82–88 MHz, that includes an innovative analog FM carrier at 87.75 MHz. According to Director of Engineering Daniel Bissett, licensee Venture Technologies Group, LLC completed construction of the new signal on Oct. 7, 2021. ... -channel-6 ... t-nextgen/

'Franken FMs,' Part II: A Look at the 'May/December' Marriage of Radio and TV.
Only time will tell as to whether or not these Ch. 6 hybrid DTV/FM stations will proliferate and what will be the FCC's response ... dio-and-tv
San Diego ATSC 3.0 Stations:
KSWB FOX5 - ATSC 3.0 - Coming Soon/Unknown Date
KNSD NBC7 - ATSC 3.0 - Coming Soon/Unknown Date
KFMB CBS8 - ATSC 3.0 - Coming Soon/Unknown Date
KGTV ABC10 - ATSC 3.0 - Coming Soon/Unknown Date
KUSI - ATSC 3.0 - Coming Soon/Unknown Date

Five Stations Launch NextGen TV In West Palm Beach.
WPBF, WPEC, WFLX, WPTV and WWHB-CD are now broadcasting with ATSC 3.0 technology.
Leading television stations in West Palm Beach, Fla. (DMA 39), on Tuesday began broadcasting with NextGen TV, also known as ATSC 3.0.
Switching on the new transmission standard are Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s WPEC (CBS) and WWHB-CD (Azteca); Hearst’s WPBF (ABC); Scripps’ WPTV (NBC); and Gray Television’s WFLX (Fox). ... alm-beach/ ... palm-beach
‘Next Generation’ of TV arrives in Charleston
Some viewers in the Charleston area are now able to get an early look at the next generation of television broadcasting.
Live 5 WCSC is now broadcasting in ATSC 3.0, also known as NEXTGEN TV, as of Thursday morning. ... harleston/
NextGen TV Comes to Charleston, S.C.
Five stations in the market have started NextGen TV broadcasts
Five stations in Charleston S.C. have started offering NextGen TV (aka ATSC 3.0) broadcasts. 
With the launch, WCIV (the Sinclair-owned ABC affiliate), WCSC-TV (the Gray Television-owned CBS affiliate), WTAT-TV (the Cunningham-owned Fox affiliate), WCBD-TV (the Nexstar-owned NBC affiliate) and WGWG (the Howard Stirk Holdings-owned H&I affiliate) are now offering NextGen TV signals. 
For the Charleston launch, WGWG, owned by Howard Stirk Holdings, converted to ATSC 3.0 transmissions. WGWG is broadcasting its own programming, as well as the programming of the other participating stations, in NextGen TV format. ... rleston-sc
WBSF TV Transition to ATSC 3, March 15, 2022
ATSC 3.0 Launches in Flint, Michigan
NextGen TV has launched in Flight, MI, with five stations now broadcasting with the NextGen TV transmissions standard. The stations include: WJRT (ABC), WNEM (CBS), WSMH (Fox), WEYI (NBC), and WBSF (CW). ... -michigan/
WUPV (along with many other stations in Richmond) is upgrading its signal to the new ATSC 3.0 standard. This new standard is commonly called “NextGen TV.” There aren’t many TVs currently available that can handle ATSC 3.0 (but many are being released by LG, Sony, and Samsung), so we’ll continue to air our ATSC 1.0 signal alongside our ATSC 3.0, but it will be on a different frequency.
When does this happen?
Any time after 10 a.m. on Monday, April 11. ... need-know/
Five Stations Launch NextGen TV In Albany, N.Y.
WTEN, WRGB, WXXA, WCWN and WMHT are now broadcasting with ATSC 3.0 technology.
Leading television stations in Albany, N.Y., today began broadcasting with NextGen TV, also known as ATSC 3.0.
Switching on the new transmission standard are Nexstar Media’s WTEN (ABC); Sinclair Broadcast Group’s WRGB (CBS) and WCWN (CW); Mission Broadcasting’s WXXA (Fox); and WMHT Public Media’s WMHT (PBS). ... lbany-n-y/ ... -albany-ny ... albany-ny/ ... oadcasting
WNYZ-LD Becomes New York City’s First ATSC 3.0 Broadcaster
LPTV serves up NextGen TV and FM radio.

NEW YORK—The latest of the new wave of hybrid DTV/analog FM radio stations—WNYZ-LD—took to the air on March 22 as a fully-licensed “NextGen TV” station in the New York City borough of Queens, and in doing so, bested the full-power TV operations for the title of being the first in the Big Apple to air ATSC 3.0 broadcasts.
The 3 kW ERP TV Ch. 6 (82-88 MHz) station is licensed to Sound of Long Island Inc. (SOL) and transmits Korean language TV and radio broadcasts to the metropolitan New York City area and eastward towards Long Island ... roadcaster
ATSC 3.0 Signals Now Blanketing Richmond.
All the Virginia capital‘s stations will be delivering NextGen signals thanks to sharing agreements
As of Monday (April 11), all seven full-power TV stations in the Richmond-Petersburg, Virginia, market are broadcasting in the ATSC 3.0 (NextGen TV-branded) transmission standard, but with five of those stations piggybacking on the other two.
All seven of Richmond-Petersburg’s full power local television stations have began broadcasting with NextGen TV a.k.a. ATSC 3.0 signals. 
The April 11 launch includes WRIC-TV (Nexstar-owned ABC affiliate), WTVR-TV (Scripps-owned CBS affiliate), WWBT (Gray Television-owned NBC affiliate), WRLH-TV (Sinclair-owned Fox affiliate), WCVE-TV and WCVW (VPM Media Corporation-owned PBS), and WUPV (Gray Television-owned CW affiliate). ... g-richmond ... ersburg-va
Omaha Set to Get NextGen TV on April 19, 2022.
Omaha is set to get its first NextGen TV (ATSC 3.0) signal next month, simulcasting the local ABC, CBS, and FOX affiliates.
FCC filings show Mitts Telecasting’s KXVO/15.1 (RF channel 29), which is managed by Sinclair Broadcast Group, will serve as the host station. It will relay the existing HD signals of Scripps CBS affiliate KMTV/3.1, Hearst ABC affiliate KETV/7.1, and Sinclair FOX affiliate KPTM/42.1. ... -april-19/

ATSC 3.0 is Live in Omaha, NE
April 20, 2022
NextGen TV has launched in Omaha, Nebraska, with five stations now broadcasting with the NextGen TV transmissions standard. The stations include: KETV (ABC), KMTV-TV (CBS), WOWT (NBC), KPTM (FOX), and KXVO (TBD).
Omaha is the 50th market to launch ATSC 3.0 in the U.S. ... -omaha-ne/ ... -april-19/
RFS installs ATSC 3.0-ready equipment atop One World Trade Center.
Radio Frequency Systems, a global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, has expanded its antenna and combiner infrastructure atop One World Trade Center to enable delivery of NextGen broadcasting to 7.45 million households across the New York City area.
RFS equipment is currently being installed to deliver an ATSC 3.0 signal over the complete metropolitan New York area by the end of 2022, the first high power ATSC 3.0 signal for New York. ... er-atsc-3/ ... de-center/
NextGen TV: PMVC Acquires W34DZ-D So WCTE Can Offer 3.0 Broadcasts.
The Public Media Venture Group and WCTE will use W34DZ-D as a way of offer NextGen TV broadcasts and educational services. ... broadcasts
Evoca Headed to Michigan
April 25, 2022
ATSC 3.0-powered MVPD service Evoca will launch in Traverse City, Michigan, next month with a retail price of $25/month plus receiver.
In partnership with Heritage Broadcasting, area residents will also have access to the regional sports network Michigan Sports Now Plus, which features high school and college teams. Evoca is also available in Boise and Twin Falls, Idaho; Phoenix; and Denver and Colorado Springs. ... o-michigan
Stations In Greenville, S.C., Start NextGen TV Broadcasting
June 2nd
WMYA-TV carries programming in the market using the ATSC 3.0 format.
Stations in the Greenville-Spartanburg-Asheville-Anderson market in South Carolina have started the transition to NextGen TV, the new digital broadcast standard.
Sinclair Broadcast Group’s WLOS-TV, Nexstar’s WSPA-TV, Gray TV’s WHNS-TV, Hearst’s WYFF-TV and Cunningham Broadcasting’s WMYA-TV are involved in shifting to the ATSC 3.0 format, which enables better picture and audio, access to internet-based programming and new digital services that are being developed. ... oadcasting
Fresno’s KMCF-LD Launches ATSC 3.0, Hopes to Add Ch. 6 Franken FM Soon
Low-power TV station promises 4K broadcasts
FRESNO, Calif.— KMCF-LD Channel 6 in Fresno, California,
Has launched NextGen TV on VHF Channel 6 and expects to offer a full-power FM service at 87.7 on the radio dial. Once approved by the FCC, the hybrid service from the Cocola Broadcasting-owned low-power TV station would be among the first in the nation to offer a so-called “Franken FM”—TV stations that offer audio services via the 87.7 MHz audio carrier— enabled by ATSC 3.0. ... en-fm-soon
Four Stations Launch NextGen TV In San Antonio
June 16, 2022
Four television stations serving the San Antonio market today began broadcasting with NextGen TV, also known as ATSC 3.0.
Switching on the new transmission standard are Sinclair Broadcast Group’s KABB (Fox) and WOAI (NBC), Deerfield Media’s KMYS (Dabl) and Corridor Television’s KCWX (MyNetworkTV). ... n-antonio/
NextGen TV: Six Local Stations Launch 3.0 Broadcasts in Shreveport, La.
June 28, 2022
SHREVEPORT, La.—Six local television stations serving the Shreveport television market have announced that they had begun broadcasting NextGen TV signals on June 28.
The launch includes KTBS-TV (the KTBS LLC-owned ABC affiliate), KSLA (the Gray Television-owned CBS affiliate), KMSS-TV (the Mission Broadcasting-owned Fox affiliate), KTAL-TV (the Nexstar-owned NBC affiliate), KPXJ (the KTBS LLC-owned CW affiliate) and KSHV-TV (the Nexstar-owned MyNet affiliate).
As part of the launch, KPXJ, which is owned by KTBS LLC, and KSHV-TV, which is owned by Nexstar, have converted to ATSC 3.0 transmissions. ... shreveport
WCRN Boston Launches First NextGen TV Platform in Boston
July 14, 2022
The LPTV station is using ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV to offer personalized content for viewers and unlimited encrypted datacasting services for businesses and first responders.
Initially, WCRN will offer four channels: France 24, Retro TV, Heartland TV and Paranormal TV. It’s also working with other companies to develop personalized content for viewers and unlimited encrypted datacasting services for businesses and first responders. ... -in-boston ... -platform/
ENENSYS And Ateme Partner To Offer ATSC 3.0-In-A-Box Solution For WCRN
August 4, 2022
Tyche Media’s independent WCRN-LD Boston has launched an ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV platform with ENENSYS and Ateme’s ATSC 3.0 software-based solution. In addition to providing linear TV service over NextGen TV, the service will also offer unlimited encrypted broadcast datacasting services to businesses and first responders.
Working with WCRN, Ateme and ENENSYS delivered an ATSC 3.0-in-a-box solution running several docker containers in a single server to provide for CAPEX savings and reduce power consumption. The ATSC 3.0-in-a-box includes the Ateme TITAN Live, which encodes each stream into DASH segments; the ENENSYS MediaCast ATSC, that delivers the DASH segments as well as all the ATSC 3.0 signalling over ROUTE; and the ENENSYS Broadcast Gateway SmartGate ATSC, that receives all the linear TV services and signaling to create the STLTP streams for ATSC 3.0 transmission. ... -for-wcrn/ ... x-solution
Major Broadcasters Launch NextGen TV Signals in Roanoke-Lynchburg
WSET-TV, WDBJ, WWCW, WSLS and WZBJ are offering NextGen TV broadcasts
ROANOKE-LYNCHBURG, Va.—NextGen TV broadcasts have come to the Roanoke-Lynchburg market where WSET-TV, WDBJ, WWCW, WSLS and WZBJ have launched NextGen TV, aka ATSC 3.0 signals. 
As part of the launch, WZBJ, which is owned by Gray Television, Inc., has converted to ATSC 3.0 transmissions. WZBJ is broadcasting its own programming, as well as the programming of the other participating stations, in NextGen TV format, making CBS, Fox, NBC and MyNet programming available in ATSC 3.0 signals to consumers that have 3.0 compatible sets. ... -lynchburg
Seven Stations Launch NextGen TV In Wichita, Kan.
October 26, 2022
Seven television stations serving the Wichita-Hutchison, Kan., market today began broadcasting with NextGen TV, also known as ATSC 3.0.
Switching on the new transmission standard are Lockwood Broadcast Group’s KAKE (ABC), Gray Television’s KWCH (CBS) and KSCW (CW), Sinclair Broadcast Group’s KSAS (Fox), Nexstar Media’s KSNW (NBC), Kansas Public Telecommunications Service’s KPTS (PBS) and Mercury Broadcasting’s KMTW (DABL).
Today’s launch in Wichita-Hutchinson follows a decade of development and months of planning and preparation by the local stations. KSCW and KMTW have converted to ATSC 3.0 transmissions and are broadcasting their own programming, as well as the programming of the other participating stations, in the NextGen TV format. ... chita-kan/
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Re: San Diego-Los Angeles TV Stations Broadcasting ATSC 3.0 and ATSC 3.0 Hardware products for home - NextGenTV

Post by Brian »

ATSC 3.0 Info updated above with more ATSC TV home products coming out this year.
Should have more ATSC 3.0 News in April…

2022 NAB Show 
NEXTGEN TV exhibits, April 23–27 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
The Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) will be showcasing the latest generation of NEXTGEN TV receivers ... spotlight/

ATSC Conference to be held in Detroit, MI, on June 8th & 9th, 2022. ... onference/


2022 NAB Show to Highlight Expanding Array of Products to Deploy NextGen TV
ATSC 3.0 will be center stage at the 'Future of Delivery' pavilion in the newly opened West Hall of the LVCC

DVEO is planning to showcase a number of 3.0 products, including the Cortina 4K IP: ATSC 3.0TM, a hybrid HEVC encoder designed to be compliant with the ATSC’s A/300 System, A/331 Signaling-Delivery-Sync-FEC, A/341 Video-HEVC, and A/342 Audio standards which are all now in either in Candidate, Proposed, or Finalized Standards stages. 

Sencore will show its first-of-a-kind TSX 3800 ATSC 3.0 to TS multichannel transcoder that plays a very essential role in launching NextGen TV by providing a means for maintaining delivery of program streams to MVPDs, as 3.0 video/audio codecs and media wrappers aren’t compatible with current MVPD systems.
In addition to its transmitter line, Rohde & Schwarz is showing their SDE 900 ATSC 3.0 encoder.

Comark will spotlight NextGen TV with a range of products including the “latest generation” of E-Compact EC700HP-BB3, its UHF air-cooled DTV transmitter series. These offer high-efficiency signal delivery and full ATSC 3.0-compatiblity with the company’s EXACT-V2 exciter technology. The CDS (Comark Digital Services) group’s latest ATSC 3.0 integrated technology and software solutions will also be displayed, including a complete “glass-to-glass” demo, with HD camera signals processed for 3.0, transmitted and then received on a NextGen TV. ... nextgen-tv

NAB Show 2022: Triveni Digital to highlight end-to-end NextGen TV solutions for broadcasters.
StreamScope XM ATSC 3.0 Monitor
A key highlight at the 2022 NAB Show will be Triveni Digital’s new StreamScope XM ATSC 3.0 Monitor. The ATSC 3.0 professional monitoring, auditing, and logging system plays a pivotal role in increasing operational efficiencies for broadcasters and delivering a high quality of service for NextGen TV. The system also includes long-term monitoring and reporting capabilities that speed up postmortem analysis.

Applications for SkyScraper XM Datacasting System
At the 2022 NAB Show, Triveni Digital will showcase its SkyScraper XM Datacasting System for ATSC 3.0. SkyScraper XM supports standard content distribution and private NRT distribution applications over ATSC 3.0 and ATSC 1.0, with optimized data delivery features such as Forward Error Correction (FEC), Opportunistic Data Insertion, and statistical multiplexing through hybrid broadcast and broadband delivery systems. ... w-preview/
DigiCAP, LG Electronics & Pearl TV Conduct First Public Test Of US Automotive Mobile NRT Data Handoff Between Two ATSC 3.0 Stations.
In a test car, LG Electronics installed a system to receive and display ATSC 3.0 signals on a rear-seat entertainment TV. As the car traveled between the signal coverage of WKAR Lansing, Mich., and WMYD Detroit, the NRT handoff technology succeeded in keeping a steady TV signal on the receiver.
March 14, 2022 ... -stations/
Pearl TV Moves To Ramp Up NextGen TV Monetization Opportunities.
The coalition’s RUN3TV web ad platform now supports server-side ad insertion
The Pearl TV coalition today announced two steps it is taking to help TV broadcasters realize more of the monetization potential of ATSC 3.0—one related to advertising and the other aimed at increasing the number of TV viewers who can watch NextGen TV.
Pearl TV has expanded its support for digital video advertising technology in its RUN3TV web TV platform with greater support for revenue generation via server-side ad insertion (SSAI).
“Adding digital monetization capabilities creates a game changing opportunity for over-the-air broadcast services,” said Anne Schelle, managing director of Pearl TV. “Expanding on the unique ability to deliver hybrid television service and better engage with their viewers, broadcasters are easily able to integrate with their existing over-the-air and connected TV monetization platforms.” 
RUN3TV now supports server-side ad insertion and client-side reporting. These tools are used to enable video advertising in various scenarios, including over-the-top content delivery, connected TV (CTV) uses, advertising-based video on demand (AVOD) and free ad-supported television (FAST) channels. ... ortunities
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Re: San Diego-Los Angeles TV Stations Broadcasting ATSC 3.0 and ATSC 3.0 Tuner Hardware products for home - NextGenTV

Post by Brian »

The Strategic Importance of Broadcast
Advanced Emergency Information (AEl) services

TV Tech March NAB issue with a 32 page AEI research study. ... ch_2022/39

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Re: San Diego-Los Angeles TV Stations Broadcasting ATSC 3.0 and ATSC 3.0 Tuner Hardware products for home - NextGenTV

Post by Brian »

Atlanta DTH Introduces AIRialTV Solo 4K HDR USB ATSC 3.0 Receiver
NextGen TV dongle will be available in September for kickstarter price of $74

Atlanta DTH is launching its AIRialTV Solo ATSC 3.0 ultra-compact television tuner for NextGen TV. Slightly larger than a plug-in USB memory card, AIRialTV Solo incorporates a coaxial TV antenna interface allowing direct connection of the feed from a satellite or digital terrestrial source. Output is via a standard USB connector which also sources power for the tuner.
Designed for direct connection to smart TVs, set-top boxes and mobile devices, AIRialTV Solo supports the many enhancements which ATSC 3.0 brings to free-to-air broadcasting, including ultra-high-definition, high dynamic range and interactive content. It can also be used to view streaming services such as Plex. 
The companion AIRialTV App provides easy access to an electronic program guide and additional features such as closed captioning. Free-to-air ATSC 3.0 UHD HDR as well as ATSC 1.0 HD and SD programs can be viewed through the tuner wherever the transmitted signals are available. Android, Linux and Windows compatible devices are fully supported.
First shipments of the tuner are scheduled for September at a kickstarter price of $74 ... 0-receiver ... ion-tuner/

New ATSC 3.0 Hybrid HDMI Dongle on the Horizon
DigiCAP, iWedia collaborating on 'Aircaster'
DigiCAP a developer of ATSC 3.0 home gateway devices, says it is collaborating with software company iWedia S.A. (part of the Zappware Entertainment Group International) to create what the two are calling the first ATSC 3.0 hybrid HDMI dongle of its kind. The AirCaster is designed to enable an integrated user experience between NextGen TV and OTT to help accelerate the adoption of ATSC 3.0 in the U.S. ... he-horizon
Saankhya Labs' SDR chipset powers innovative Next Gen ATSC designs from ADTH
Gateways, Set-top boxes, HDMI devices and USB dongles powered by SL3000
BANGALORE, India, Oct. 19, 2022 /
-- Saankhya Labs, a subsidiary of Tejas Networks, today announced that ADTH, a leading communication solutions provider with offices in Atlanta, Shanghai, Seoul, and Taipei, has launched a series of NEXTGEN ATSC designs, powered by SL3000 - Saankhya's SDR (Software Defined Radio) based ATSC 3.0/1.0 demodulator chipset. These ready-to-manufacture designs will enable OEMs/ODMs to offer upgrade solutions, for millions of consumers in North America and South Korea to experience Next Generation ATSC 3.0 broadcasts, on their existing HDTV sets and smart display devices. ... 53141.html
Older 4K TVs will get ATSC 3.0 thanks to cheap tuner upgrades.

The coalition of broadcast TV companies, which counts more than 820 stations among its members, has just announced a FastTrack program to “accelerate development and retail availability of low-cost upgrade accessory receivers.”

The devices the group presumably has in mind will be basic set-top or stick-type external tuners that connect to an antenna and can be sold at an affordable price. Such a device would give ATSC 3.0 an opportunity to advance over the next few years as TVs with built-in next-gen tuners become more widely available. (The Pearl TV release also states that “more than 75% of all televisions sold are expected to be available with dual HDTV and NEXTGEN TV reception” by 2024.) ... r-upgrades
Scripps Paid $14M For Tablo TV Maker Nuvyyo 13 Months Ago
March 13, 2023
A little over a year ago, one of the country’s biggest broadcasters made an unexpected transaction: E.W. Scripps, which operates dozens of ABC, NBC and Fox stations as well as a handful of nationwide broadcast networks, quietly bought Nuvyyo, a Canadian startup best known for its Tablo DVR devices for cord-cutters. The acquisition, which hasn’t been previously reported, is part of Scripps’ multibillion-dollar bet on acquiring stations, networks and spectrum for an ATSC 3.0-powered antenna TV future. ... pps-nuvyyo
Triveni Digital To Debut New ATSC 3.0 Translator
April 5, 2023
Triveni Digital today introduced a new ATSC 3.0 Translator that it says reduces the cost of ATSC 3.0 service delivery. “Leveraging the ATSC 3.0 Translator, broadcasters can efficiently repeat or translate their existing ATSC 3.0 signal to other areas without the need for an entire broadcast chain, minimizing costs, equipment, and power. In addition, the ATSC 3.0 Translator includes an optional feature for NextGen TV signing, helping broadcasters quickly expand
the reach of ATSC 3.0 services.” ... ranslator/

America’s Emergency Network Teams With 6G-Datacast.TV For Advanced Alerting & Disaster Reality Channel

September 27, 2023

America’s Emergency Network (AEN) is showcasing its collaboration with to launch an Advanced Emergency Information service using Next Generation Television based on the ATSC 3.0 standard, along with an AI-programmed 24/7 “disaster channel” with actual emergency content from around the country.

AEN and are teaming up at Disaster Expo USA to bring life-saving capabilities to improve emergency preparedness and response. is integrating its low latency CY4 protocol to make ATSC 3.0 battery-powered mobile receivers with Bluetooth, WiFi and USB/HDMI connectivity. These lightweight mobile devices will operate even when cellular networks and the electric grid fail, as they did in the Maui wildfire and many other disasters. ... y-channel/
Recent ATSC 3.0 Developments Underscore Both Progress And Growing Pains
September 29, 2023 ... ing-pains/
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Re: San Diego-Los Angeles TV Stations Broadcasting ATSC 3.0 and ATSC 3.0 Tuner Hardware products for home - NextGenTV

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“With U.S. NextGen TV market launches in 2024 coming soon for
Chicago, San Diego and Tucson” ... receivers/

KSWB-TV has filed to go ATSC 3.0
Commencement of Operations Date
Provide date the applicant intends/estimates it will commence ATSC 3.0 guest service on its new ATSC 3.0 host station. 01/16/2024

The KUSI-TV (ATSC 3.0 Host / ATSC 1.0 Tenant) full-power digital television broadcast facility (File Number 0000005158 ) is licensed to operate on Channel 18 with an ERP of 355 kW using a directional antenna mounted on a tower with Antenna Structure Registration Number (“ASRN”) 1011488 located on San Miguel Mountain, CA. The KSWB-TV (ATSC 1.0 Host / ATSC 3.0 Tenant) full-power digital television broadcast facility (File Number 0000068712 is licensed to operate on Channel 26 with an ERP of 350 kW using a directional antenna mounted on a tower with ASRN 1011527 located on San Miguel Mountain, CA.
The aforementioned stations plan to partner in a simulcasting arrangement for purposes of airing ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 programming streams as follows:
• KUSI-TV ATSC 1.0 Tenant at KSWB-TV ATSC 1.0 Host
• KSWB-TV ATSC 3.0 Tenant at KUSI-TV ATSC 3.0 Host
Both stations are assigned to the same DMA (San Diego, CA).
Pursuant to section 73.3801(f)(6)(i) of FCC Rules, the following information is required for these types of applications.
Station serving as the ATSC 1.0 Host:
KSWB-TV (0000068712
Technical Facilities of ATSC 1.0 Host Station:

o Station: KSWB-TV
o Frequency: 545 MHz (Channel 26)
o ERP: 350 kW ... t-63010167

KUSI and KSWB-TV File for NextGen Partnership

KUSI and KSWB-TV each filed with the FCC on December 11, 2023, to broadcast the NextGen standard, intending to commence the service on January 16, 2024. Their application i
s to broadcast ATSC 3.0 on the KUSI channel 18 transmitter hosting KSWB-TV “Fox 5” and ATSC 1.0 on the KSWB-TV channel 26 transmitter hosting KUSI, each atop Mt. San Miguel. ... rtnership/

Modification to License (Next Gen) ... 4&goBack=N

Digital TV Market Listing for KUSI-TV ... sign=10238

How to rescan
Posted: January 12, 2024
KUSI and KSWB are adding an upgraded signal called NEXTGEN TV or ATSC 3.0.
If you use an antenna to watch TV for free, you must rescan your television to continue receiving all channels within the viewing area. Rescanning is when your TV finds all of the available channels in your area. You do not need to purchase new equipment or services to rescan. If you are a cable or satellite subscriber, a rescan is not required.
People with older televisions will need to rescan their TVs on Saturday, Jan. 13 in order to receive KUSI.
Those with newer televisions that can tune the new NextGen signal will need to rescan on Tuesday, Jan. 16.
Viewers with a NEXTGEN TV receiver will get an enhanced viewing experience
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