RCS NextGen: BLS Fleet Map Update For 2023 - KSMAR and SDMEDAIR2 talkgroups

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RCS NextGen: BLS Fleet Map Update For 2023 - KSMAR and SDMEDAIR2 talkgroups

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BLS Fleet Map Update

As many of you know, Kaiser Permanente will be opening a new satellite hospital in the San Marcos area, with emergency department services. This hospital is slated to open in August 2023.
In anticipation of this facility opening RCS, and at the request of County EMS, RCS has created two new 800 Mhz radio talk groups.

1. “KSMAR” will be added to the “BLS” zone.And,
2. SDMEDAIR2 will be added to the “BLS” zone to be used as the secondary air to ground channel between the scene and air ambulance providers.

RCS/Sheriff Wireless is currently planning this integration with updated fleet map(s) and a plan to create new “code plugs” which are needed to reprogram all necessary Fire, EMS, and public/private agency radios.

In Phase 1 RCS will need to “touch” every radio in every ambulance. A plan is already underway to “touch” ambulances in the North County first, then ambulances in the central and so forth.

Phase 2 will include fire apparatus, law enforcement and any other remaining vehicles.

Firm dates are not yet available, but agencies will be notified when it’s their turn to update their radios. You may be asked to bring your vehicles (your radios) to a centralized location to facilitate the rapid update of your agency’s radios.

Once notified of the coming updates and schedule, we kindly ask that all agencies and companies to coordinate with RCS/Sheriff Wireless to ensure these updates occur in a timely manner.

For any questions, please note the below representatives:
Private agency providers will coordinate with the County Ambulance Coordinator (AMR) and updates will be transmitted via MED CC with the Tuesday morning roll call.

https://www.sandiegocounty.gov/content/ ... 0%2023.pdf
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