Fed VHF Scan

This area can be used to talk about San Diego federal radio scanning. This includes Border Patrol, Homeland Security, DEA, FBI and other 3 letter agencies.
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Fed VHF Scan

Post by SkipSanders »

Just for info, here's what a search of 162-174 MHz produced yesterday in San Diego.

Having a 396, with its ability to lock out large numbers of channels in search, is very, very handy for this range.

All P25 were encrypted, with the usual occasional 'forgot to turn it on, or it's broke' clear voice.

163.650 P25
164.600 Analog
167.400 P25
167.525 P25 ID'ed by occasional clear as Border Patrol
167.550 P25
167.725 P25
168.500 P25 ID'ed by occasional clear as Border Patrol
168.850 P25
171.175 P25
172.400 P25
172.900 P25
173.450 P25
173.975 P25
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Post by brandon »

163.650 P25 - I have heard this one in the past with radio checks and later a code 5 op in Vista, most units in the clear

167.525 P25 - MA4OM (I wonder if OM stands for Otay Mtn?)

167.550 P25 - El Cajon 2

167.725 P25 - MA4MCC

168.500 P25 - El Cajon 1

168.850 P25 - Probably simulcast from Santiago Peak based on signal strengths when I receive. Also listed as Campo 2 in the database

171.175 P25 - MA1 CP (Maybe CP stands for Cuyamaca Peak?)

172.400 P25 - Imperial Beach 1

172.900 P25 - TSA Lindbergh Field (now encrypted)

173.450 P25 - Brown Field 1

173.975 P25 - Chula Vista 1

I've noticed many of the MA1/MA4 channels simulcast with other sites. I've logged 166.9125 (probably Santiago Peak based on signal) and heard Border Patrol units on I-8 in Alpine, so it's probably linked with another freq since many of these key up at the same time.
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Post by SkipSanders »

More from today, now that I noticed I was on 25 KHz steps before, instead of the 12.5 I thought I'd set, silly me...

165.9125 P25
169.3875 P25
170.0625 P25
170.3750 P25
170.8375 P25
171.5125 P25
171.5375 P25
172.5125 P25
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Re: Fed VHF Scan

Post by mike »

I know DEA use VHF in San Diego county does anyone know what they are using?
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Re: Fed VHF Scan

Post by Brian »

You can try these Southern California DEA freqs heard so far.

170.6500 NAC 156
170.9500 NAC 156
173.1625 NAC 156

DEA list on this page
http://mt-fedfiles.blogspot.com/p/dea-f ... dates.html
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