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IFM Command 2 talk group / El Centro Fire; Calexico Fire; ICFD

Posted: Mon May 11, 2020 10:20 pm
by unidenbearcatcool
the info for the IFM talk group command 2 is up for grabs. The site admin requested that I not offer the information for all to see due to a few members of this forum making sour faces if and when the precious top secret hush hush classified 'talk group'/ radio channel is listed.

so, if you don't have it programmed, didn't know about it until my posting here ... just go ahead and press on that there contact button to send me a message.

command 2 or no command 2 - no big deal until the multi agency response occurred around 9:10 pm / May 11 2020

some sort of tree fire that evolved into a brush fire

that is it for now