Heartland Fire Dispatch

Ongoing discussions regarding other fire dispatching in San Diego County including Heartland, NorthComm, Monte Vista, etc. Topics about general wildland fire scanning are also welcome here.
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Heartland Fire Dispatch

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Heartland Fire Dispatch on Southzone TG 11632.(no longer hear 7344 or 7351.)
Looking for
channel one-C.
MonteVista 10F-TG-28051-patched?
MonteVista TG-28115 responding to Wildcat Cyn, and heard responses to Pio Pico.

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Re: Heartland Fire Dispatch

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Welcome to the forum

11664 - HCF 1C - Medical Command 1C

Check for the newer talkgroups for heartland & other fire departments on RCS.
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Re: Heartland Fire Dispatch

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Heartland is now using an automated voice dispatch like San Diego fire and Escondido only ones not doing it are Cal Fire and Metro on the zone 6 chula vista talkgroups.

Heartland is currently back to using human dispatchers this evening.
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