Change in radio numbers

Ongoing discussions regarding other fire dispatching in San Diego County including Heartland, NorthComm, Monte Vista, etc. Topics about general wildland fire scanning are also welcome here.
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Rescue Pooh wrote:What Duane said. LOL. You know AMR stands for Ain't My Responsibility.
To quote another infamous EMS philosopher, Sean Morse it stands for...
Ahhh, My Ride. What a riot!

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EMS=Every Minute Sucks

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jp186 wrote:EMS=Every Minute Sucks
Funny...I never think of my PROFESSION that way!

Rescue Pooh
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I think one of my favorites was from when they used to have the pts lay on what we called egg crates so they would'nt get bed sores.

EMT= Egg crate Mattress Technician

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