San Diego County Fire P25

Ongoing discussions regarding other fire dispatching in San Diego County including Heartland, NorthComm, Monte Vista, etc. Topics about general wildland fire scanning are also welcome here.
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San Diego County Fire P25

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Hello to the group,

Question, can we listen to SDCF P25? If so, what cheap scanner will work? Has anyone tried using an old/used Motorola P25 radio for Rx only?

Thanks, David
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Re: San Diego County Fire P25

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They are still running Phase 1 P25 so you can still hear them on a scanner like the BCD396XT (No longer being made) but I would consider one with Phase 2 capability once they upgrade to that an SDS100 is a good choice I also use a BCD325P2.

Cal Fire dispatches can also be heard VHF MVU 1 with any cheap scanner if that is all you want to monitor.
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