7A Dispatches

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7A Dispatches

Post by jkphotog1 »

Has anybody noticed that 7A SD Fire Dispatch are putting out the fire map page and Thomas Bros. map page info? They seem to take their time to slowly and deliberately verbalize this information. I don't think they have always been doing this. Is this something they are requiring of the dispatchers now?

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Post by SDnative »

I heard the dispatchers yesterday say that CAD was down. It is apparently still down this morning. So the rigs can't get their ususal info in unit enroute to calls.
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Post by hodad200 »

cad is down. they're doing everything on paper, like in the old days. i checked with dispatch yesterday.
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Post by marc »

Yes. when cad go down, dispatchers slow down a little so responding companies can write down the dispatch information since most of the time MDCs and pagers are not functioning.
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