San Diego plans to switch ambulance providers for first time since 1997 to Falck Ambulance Company on November 27, 2021

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San Diego plans to switch ambulance providers for first time since 1997 to Falck Ambulance Company on November 27, 2021

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San Diego plans to switch ambulance providers for first time since 1997

Switching from AMR to Danish-based Falck comes after disputes with AMR over response times, staffing levels and fines

San Diego officials said Monday they plan to switch the city’s ambulance provider for the first time in more than two decades.
Fire-Rescue Chief Colin Stowell said the city has decided to engage in exclusive contract negotiations with Falck, a Danish-owned company that provides ambulance services in nine U.S. states including California.

City officials chose Falck over the city’s existing ambulance provider, American Medical Response, based on how the two companies responded to a 73-page “request for proposals” issued by the city in August.

The decision to switch comes after a series of disputes between AMR and city officials over response times, staffing levels and fines levied on the company for not meeting city goals.

But city officials have repeatedly said they plan to explore having another ambulance provider take over when AMR’s contract ends on June 30, 2020.

That contract has been extended multiple times since 1997, when the city selected Rural/Metro to provide ambulance services in San Diego. AMR bought Rural/Metro in 2015 and has continued operating under the same contract.

If no agreement is reached, the city could turn back to AMR or issue a new request for proposals.

Stowell said the decision to choose Falck is not based on any current turbulence with AMR. ... since-1997

Falck San Diego Facebook ... s_company)


Whistleblower talks about his EMS career and new leadership role Rural/Metro executive Robert "Boo" Heffner accused the agency of cheating San Diego out of revenues in 2010, and then moved on to Falck, a Denmark company that operates fire and EMS services in 37 countries worldwide Aug 30, 2013

A former longtime executive with Rural/Metro, Robert “Boo” Heffner made headlines in 2010 when he accused the company of cheating the city of San Diego out of revenues generated by San Diego Medical Services Enterprise (SDMSE). For years, SDMSE was cheered as an example of a public-private partnership done right, benefiting the city, the company and patients. But soon after Heffner’s charges were made public, the city auditor issued a report claiming the ambulance company had withheld millions between 1997 and 2007. ... OpLwOqXgC/
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Re: San Diego plans to switch ambulance providers for first time since 1997

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Any idea of frequencies they use for dispatch?

Will they take over AMR for contract cities in the county or just city of San Diego?
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Re: San Diego plans to switch ambulance providers for first time since 1997

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I expect they will continue to use the City's public safety trunked radio network.

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Re: San Diego plans to switch ambulance providers for first time since 1997

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Danish ambulance provider Falck versus Faulconer
Mayor kills ambulance deal opposed by One San Diego donor
Jan. 27, 2020 ... faulconer/
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Re: San Diego plans to switch ambulance providers for first time since 1997

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Nothing surprises me any more.
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Re: San Diego plans to switch ambulance providers for first time since 1997

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San Diego signs contract with new ambulance provider, a key step toward making switch

DEC. 8, 2020

San Diego has taken another key step toward replacing the city’s longtime ambulance provider with a Danish company that operates ambulances in Los Angeles County, Orange County and the Bay Area. ... ing-switch ... WFpsvZ3Xc/


Falck was selected by city over incumbent provider, but negotiations have yet to start

SEP. 20, 2020 ... onse-times


San Diego Ambulance Bid Process Gets Testy
Lawyers for American Medical Response claimed in a letter that San Diego's fire chief holds a grudge against the agency for firing his son several years ago.

Aug 30th, 2020 ... gets-testy


San Diego extends ambulance contract, but city still committed to new proposals for service

4-8-2020 ... or-service


JAN. 25, 2021 update:

San Diego closer to switching ambulance providers after city rejects protest by AMR

New provider, Falck, would increase ambulance service 20 percent; public hearing slated Feb. 10 ... es-results

San Diego’s plan to switch ambulance providers took a key step forward Monday when the city rejected an appeal by incumbent provider American Medical Response, paving the way for rival Falck USA to take over later this year.

With AMR’s appeal now formally rejected and dismissed, the City Council’s public safety committee has scheduled a Feb. 10 public hearing on the Falck proposal, which could receive final approval from the full council a few weeks afterward.

If the council approves the deal with Falck, the city will begin the transition process and Falck will take over service sometime within a six-month period during which AMR is contractually required to continue assisting Falck. ... umbent-amr

San Diego may be switching ambulance providers
January 28, 2021 ... providers/

AMR will try anything except giving good service to keep their gravy train going. Let's take a look at their Yelp page, 85% of the reviewers gave them 1 out of 5 stars, the lowest possible rating. There are not many businesses with a lower Yelp rating. ... an-diego-2

San Diego council approves switch to new ambulance service
Nearly 200 people spoke either for or against the switch from AMR to Falck ahead of the long-awaited vote

San Diego will have a new ambulance provider for the first time in 23 years after the City Council voted 9-0 Tuesday to switch from American Medical Response to Falck, a Danish company that is the largest ambulance operator in the world.
The motivation for switching providers is Falck's plan to put more ambulances on the road and boost response times in ethnically diverse and low-income neighborhoods south of state Route 94. ... 2HmcSgHB7/

San Diego makes long-awaited ambulance provider switch to improve response times, equipment

The five-year contract requires Falck to provide 1,008 hours of daily ambulance service, a 20 percent increase from 840 hours now provided by AMR. AMR had proposed a more modest increase to 888 hours.
Falck’s proposal included roughly 10 to 14 more ambulances in operation each day.

The city’s annual fee from Falck would be about $9 million, down about 15 percent from the $10.6 million annual fee AMR has been paying.

In exchange for that payment, the city’s ambulance provider gets the opportunity to directly bill patients who receive ambulance care. In its proposal to the city, Falck projected it would receive nearly $75 million in annual revenue.

the new equipment provided by Falck, including 65 new ambulances, will alleviate morale problems city ambulance workers have been experiencing while working in older ambulances with outdated equipment.

“Falck is looking to grow in the U.S. and provide 9-1-1 services to great cities like San Diego,” he said. “We can only do that based on our reputation.”

The deal also requires new equipment. In addition to 65 new ambulances – essentially replacing the entire fleet – the contract calls for new gurneys, cardiac monitors and compression devices. The city also would regain control of some of the office and storage space now occupied by AMR.

The deal requires a six-month transition period where AMR will help Falck take over. ... -equipment

AMR No More: San Diego City Council Votes to Switch Ambulance Service Providers ... s/2575985/

San Diego fire chief urges switch to new ambulance provider in long-awaited vote next Tuesday ... xt-tuesday

Time for San Diego to have a new ambulance service provider ... onse-times


MAY 9, 2021
San Diego’s ambulance provider switch makes excessively slow response times less likely

A key element in San Diego’s contract with its new ambulance provider is a set of stiff penalties for excessively slow emergency responses, which could help solve a problem that city officials have struggled with for years.
When the new provider, Falck USA, takes over later this year for American Medical Response, it will face a new kind of penalty the city hasn’t previously used.
AMR has been fined when its overall performance on response times haven’t met city criteria, but the company has never been penalized for individual emergency response times that far exceeded the city’s goals — no matter how egregious the failure.
But the new city contract with Falck includes a $5,000 fine every time an ambulance takes longer to arrive at an emergency than 24 minutes — which is double the city’s 12-minute goal for ambulance responses.

Fire-Rescue Chief Colin Stowell says those new fines, coupled with Falck’s commitment to increase ambulance operating hours by 20 percent, will boost overall service across the city when the company takes over and eliminate outlier response times.
“That’s the biggest financial difference in the new penalty structure versus the one we’re in right now,” Stowell said. “If you know you’re not going to make the 12-minute time clock, there’s no difference now in the cost whether you get there in 13 minutes or 25 minutes.”
Stowell said an analysis of response times for American Medical Response has convinced him that the $5,000 fines will be a significant disincentive for Falck. ... ess-likely


Feb 8, 2021
New Yorker Al Sharpton trashes San Diego's paramedic selection
Racially charged controversy looms over Falck versus AMR ... san-diego/


SEPT. 21, 2021
San Diego concerned new ambulance company struggling to hire, secure new vehicles

Transition to Denmark-based Falck is scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend despite some missed deadlines

The company scheduled to become San Diego’s new ambulance provider over Thanksgiving weekend is struggling to hire paramedics and secure new ambulances, prompting city officials to express concerns about the transition.
Falck, a Danish company that handles ambulance service in many cities around the world, is scheduled to replace longtime city ambulance provider American Medical Response at 8 a.m. Nov. 27, Fire Chief Colin Stowell said.
The takeover will come at the end of a six-month transition period the City Council approved last spring, when it chose Falck over AMR as San Diego’s ambulance provider based on promises of better service and response times. ... w-vehicles


New ambulance service concerns for San Diego

San Diego City Fire and Rescue Department Chief Colin Stowell is addressing the City Council Wednesday about concerns over the city's new ambulance provider.

In 10 weeks, Falck will be San Diego's new ambulance provider. It promises faster response times. But some worry it will not be able to deliver.

The City Council voted to partner with Falck as San Diego's new medical services provider and fix problems causing delays. Current company AMR was dropped.

But the transition has hit some snags. Falck has secured 34 new ambulances, half as what it promised so far. It is also having trouble hiring paramedics — it has hired 115 out of 148.

Terry Cunningham, of The Liver Coalition of San Diego, worries the new company won't be ready in 10 weeks.

"If you don't have enough ambulances how in the world are you going to help people in crisis?"
Fire Chief Colin Stowell says the areas where Falck is falling short do not put lives at risk.

Falk provided this statement:
Falk is working closely with the fire chief and city leaders to address outstanding questions...despite the same covid-related challenges facing EMS systems nationwide, we are on schedule to respond to 911 calls on November 27 and are committed to fulfilling our commitment to deliver improved EMS services to San Diegans. When people need us, we will there. ... e-concerns

Paramedic - $12,000 Incentive Bonus
Falck San Diego - San Diego, California
Sep 23, 2021 ... vG0dw0ZGH/


Jeff Behm to Lead Falck’s New San Diego Operations

Falck today announced it has selected senior healthcare executive Jeff Behm as the new managing director of San Diego’s emergency ambulance operation. The service launches on November 27.

“After an extensive search, we believe Jeff is the right person for the job of leading the new San Diego operation,” said Troy Hagen, chief commercial officer of Falck USA. “His extensive EMS experience in a large urban system will help him hit the ground running,” Hagen added.

“I’m very excited for this opportunity to help Falck provide high-quality, compassionate emergency medical services to all San Diegans,” Behm said. “Falck is known for its deep connection to the communities it serves, and I’m looking forward to furthering our relationship with our many partnering community organizations.”

Behm, who is known as a team builder and dynamic innovator, brings extensive experience as a healthcare executive, culminating in the role of president and chief executive officer at Monmouth Ocean Hospital Services Corporation (MONOC) in New Jersey, a 14-hospital cooperative providing emergency medical and patient transport services for a population of 2.8 million. ... perations/

Falck San Diego Hiring Portal!
Current Openings

Northern California News about Falk:

Alameda County to Address Ambulance Response Time Concerns
Oakland Fire Chief Requests Review of Falk Performance
Sep 30, 2021 ... 9ff96.html


OCT. 20, 2021
Rapid progress seen by San Diego’s incoming ambulance operator, easing city concerns about transition
Falck USA hiring workers, ordering equipment, getting federal approvals, negotiating labor deals

San Diego’s new ambulance provider has made so much progress meeting city expectations in recent days that the company has managed to nearly eliminate all concerns raised last month by city officials, a City Council committee was told Wednesday.
Falck USA has hired dozens of paramedics, reached a new labor contract with dispatchers, secured federal narcotics approval, ordered 99 percent of needed supplies and finalized a training module for employees. Those efforts will help smooth Falck’s scheduled Nov. 27 takeover of city ambulance operations from American Medical Response, Fire-Rescue Department officials said. ... transition

OCT. 13, 2021
Hiring spree has San Diego’s new ambulance provider ready to take over Nov. 27, company says

Falck USA won’t keep city promise to have all-new vehicles because of microchip shortage

The company hasn’t made any headway on a second concern raised last month by Chief Stowell: Falck’s struggles to secure enough new ambulances to keep a promise it would begin service with a fleet of 66 all-new ambulances.
Falck has 33 new ambulances, which meets its contractual agreement that at least half its ambulances be brand new. But a pandemic-related microchip shortage means the entire fleet won’t be all-new until sometime next spring, officials said. ... mpany-says


Riding With Falck: City's Confidence in New Ambulance Company Restored
NBC 7’s Alexis Rivas details some of the concerns surrounding Falck, the city of San Diego’s newest ambulance company. ... d/2760213/ ... s/2759991/
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Re: San Diego plans to switch ambulance providers for first time since 1997 to Falck Ambulance Company on November 27, 2

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NOVEMBER 11, 2021
Officials say San Diego’s new ambulance provider is ready to take over Nov. 27

San Diego’s new ambulance provider is in a strong position to take over Nov. 27 thanks to significant progress in recent weeks on a long list of city requests, officials said this week.
After raising significant concerns about the takeover in September by failing to meet some city demands, Falck USA has rallied to satisfy nearly all the city’s three dozen criteria.

Falck has said it will increase daily ambulance hours across the city from 840 to 1,008.
That many hours will require 134 paramedics and 174 EMTs, numbers Falck has exceeded with 139 paramedics and 222 EMTs.
But when one factors in vacations and workers calling in sick, Falck needs 192 EMTS and 148 paramedics. That gives the company 30 extra EMTS, but leaves it nine paramedics short.

The one area where Falck hasn’t yet satisfied city officials is fully connecting a communications system between ambulances, city fire officials and dispatchers. ... ver-nov-27 ... izwp4u9BX/
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