Chase live on .65 this morning!

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Chase live on .65 this morning!

Post by N6ATF » Mon Aug 28, 2006 2:51 pm ... chase.html
A man was arrested after leading officers on a stolen vehicle chase through city streets for roughly an hour late Monday morning.
The driver was driving a gold or silver 1996 Dodge on Hawthorne Street near 32nd Street in South Park at 10:40 a.m. when an officer on patrol was alerted that it had been reported stolen by OnStar, a system installed in the vehicle that tracks the vehicle and provides other services for the driver, said Monica Muñoz.

The officer signaled the driver to pull over but he instead sped away with the officer in pursuit. He was trailed by about half a dozen patrol units and a helicopter hovering above. The man drove through the city, leading officers to Spring Valley and back west to the College Area and other parts of the city during the pursuit, she said.

He drove at speeds reaching 70 mph at some points during the chase. He gave up about 11:30 a.m. after his tires deflated.

The chase ended on 32nd Street, a dead-end near Juniper Street, where the man crashed into a parked vehicle before he jumped out and laid face down on the ground, she said.

The chase ended about a half-mile from where it began.
I was just about to go 98 from Wells Fargo at ECB and 33rd where a guy kept smashing glass bottles on the front of the building, and saw 2 SDPD units code 3 heading for the freeway. When we were on the way home on 94 East, I heard control say the pursuit was at Casa De Oro, 94 West, so I told my mom we were going to see it coming down the other side. When it did, I counted 15 ground units, cars and motors; SDPD, Sherriff or CHP (the decal was obscured by the center divide) and LMPD. Also saw ABLE low and a few news helos higher up.

Oh, and a fire engine or truck towards the end of the procession with no lights on. I don't think it was a "just in case this ends in flames" unit as I've never heard any pursuit called with any mention of having fire follow behind.

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