low audio volume/low voice volume from dispatch

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low audio volume/low voice volume from dispatch

Post by unidenbearcatcool » Fri May 08, 2020 10:07 am

I am curious if any other person is observant and has detected low audio from Dispatch talk groups:

55726 Radio ID/Unit ID - AMR Dispatch talk group 2886

41874 Radio ID/ Unit ID - El Centro 2 25874 talk group (El Centro Comm Center) ICSO

the hardware associated with ID number/ radio number 41874 is at a console that handles radio traffic for ICSO / ICFD / Inquiry channel for ICSO / tac and command for ICFD, and radio traffic for a few other talk groups (channels)

I would now guess/surmise that the dispatch person is using a v.o.i.p. card/ hardware and it was not configured correctly. The other dispatch console talk groups have audio that is equal to each other as well as the patrol & fire units using the same talk group (channel)

maybe the headset jack/plug in hardware is not plugged in completely - or - perhaps a solder joint has a small break

just me nit picking and crossing my fingers the radio tech team views my critique and checks it out

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Re: low audio volume/low voice volume from dispatch

Post by 5149.5 » Tue May 04, 2021 4:26 pm

radio ID: 57890 ... now in use for AMR Imperial County. No more low voice volume radio traffic from AMR dispatch :D //May 4,2021

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