Public Safety 4940-4990 MHz Band

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Public Safety 4940-4990 MHz Band

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Does anybody know specifically what this is? I found it on Radioreference and it seems interesting:

The emission designator is 10M0W7W, which classifies it as Public Safety LTE (which I cant find much info on either)

The weird thing is that I cant recieve it, even with a clear LOS to the Palomar Mtn Boucher Hill site and a log periodic with my Hackrf. It seems like it wouldn't even be that useful, since I imagine that 4.9GHz has terrible penetration for anything except line of sight. And I don't think it's a point-to-point link since the FCC document says theres 4 antennas with 90° beamwidths, covering the entire 360° horizon

There's also another system with the same frequencies, but at different locations and callsign:
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Re: Public Safety 4940-4990 MHz Band

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These are point-to-multipoint microwave data links for the County Fire Authority to service the CFA stations in remote areas. You would not be able to hear a 10 MHz wide data signal.
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