San Diego

Scanner frequencies and talkgroups for the city of San Diego.

San Diego Police

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208CityNorthern Dispatch
1296CitySouthern Dispatch
1456CityEastern Dispatch
1616CityWestern Dispatch
1776CityCentral Dispatch
2256CityMid-City Dispatch
1936CityNortheast Dispatch
2096CitySoutheast Dispatch
2416CityNorth City West Dispatch
272CityNorthern Dispatch 2
1360CitySouthern Dispatch 2
1520CityEastern Dispatch 2
1680CityWestern Dispatch 2
1840CityCentral Dispatch 2
2320CityMid-City Dispatch 2
2000CityNortheast Dispatch 2
2160CitySoutheast Dispatch 2
2480CityNorth City West Dispatch 2
432CityTac 1
528CityTac 2
592CityTac 3
688CityTac 4
752CityTac 5
848CityTac 6
912CityTac 7
4496CityInquiry 2
1008CityCity Tac 1
1072CityCity Tac 2
1104CityCity Tac 3
4336CityGang Task Force 1
4368CityGang Task Force 2
49200CityGang Task Force 3
49232CityGang Task Force 4
49264CityGang Task Force 5
49296CityGang Task Force 6
2736CityNarcotics 1
2800CityNarcotics 2
2896CityNarcotics 3
49360CityNarcotics 4
49392CityNarcotics 5
49424CityNarcotics 6
49456CityNarcotics 7
49488CityNarcotics 8
4080CityNarcotics Task Force 1
49520CityNarcotics Task Force 2
2576CitySWAT 1
2608CitySWAT 2
49648CitySWAT 2D
3056CityPolice Patch
3216CityCHP Calling
3280CitySDSO Calling
3344CityOther Calling
3376CityBorder Patrol Calling
3408CityBorder 1
3440CityBorder 2
3472CityBorder 3
3568CityInternal Affairs 1
3600CityInternal Affairs 2
3696CityCriminal Intelligence Unit 1
49712CityCriminal Intelligence Unit 2
3792CitySIU 1
3824CitySIU 2
3888CityAir Tac 1
3920CityAir Tac 2
4176CityVice 1
4208CityVice 2
49872CityVice 3
49968CityVice 4
4272CityEmergency Negotiating Team
4432CityRobbery 1
4464CityRobbery 2
49776CityRobbery 3
49808CityRobbery 4
13040CityParking Enforcement Dispatch
4560CityParking Enforcement Tac 1
4592CityParking Enforcement Tac 2
4624CityParking Enforcement Tac 3
15888CityEvent Dispatch 1
15920CityEvent Dispatch 2
15568CityEvents Tac 1
15600CityEvents Tac 2
15632CityEvents Tac 3
15664CityEvents Tac 4
15696CityEvents Tac 5
15728CityEvents Tac 6
15760CityEvents Tac 7
48144CityInvestigations Calling
48176CityInvestigations Tac 1
48208CityInvestigations Tac 2
48240CityInvestigations Tac 3
48272CityInvestigations Tac 4
48304CityInvestigations Tac 5
48336CityInvestigations Tac 6
48368CityInvestigations Tac 7
48400CityInvestigations Tac 8
48432CityInvestigations Tac 9
48464CityInvestigations Tac 10
48496CityInvestigations Tac 11
48528CityInvestigations Tac 12
48560CityInvestigations Tac 13
49984CityInvestigations Tac 14
50000CityInvestigations Tac 15
50032CityInvestigations Tac 16
50064CityInvestigations Tac 17
50096CityInvestigations Tac 18

San Diego Fire

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5168CityAdmin 7A
5008CityFire Dispatch 7B
5232CityALS Dispatch 7C
8208CityBLS Dispatch 7D
7472CityCommand 7E
7408CityTac 7F
7568CityTac 7G
6512CityCommand 7H
6448CityTac 7I
6608CityTac 7J
5648CityTac 7K
5808CityTac 7L
5552CityTac 7M
8432CityTac 7N
2960CityMutual Aid 7O
5136CityEmergency 7P
6832CityCommand 8A - South Bay
6768CityTac 8B - South Bay
6928CityTac 8C - South Bay
7792CityCommand 8D
7728CityTac 8E
7888CityTac 8F
7152CityCommand 8G
7088CityTac 8H
7248CityTac 8I
5712CityTac 8J
7312CityTac 8K
7632CityTac 8L
7952CityTac 8M
6352CityRapid Intervention Crew 8N
2992CityMutual Aid 😯
4688CityDispatch Simulcast - Station Alerting
5968CityCommand 9A
5872CityTac 9B
6032CityTac 9C
5328CityCommand 9D
5392CityTac 9E
8272CityTac 9F
5488CityCommand 9G
6128CityTac 9H
8528CityTac 9I
6992CityTac 9J
8592CityTac 9K
8688CityTac 9L
8752CityTac 9M
8112CityTac 9N
3024CityMutual Aid 9O


134.800NoneSan Diego International Airport - ATIS
118.300NoneSan Diego International Airport - Tower
338.225NoneSan Diego International Airport - Tower
123.900NoneSan Diego International Airport - Ground
125.900NoneSan Diego International Airport - Clearance
129.975NoneLandmark Aviation FBO (KSAN)
132.350NoneBrown Field - ATIS
128.250NoneBrown Field - Tower
225.400NoneBrown Field - Tower
124.400NoneBrown Field - Ground
122.950NoneSan Diego Jet Center FBO (KSDM)
126.900NoneMontgomery Field - ATIS
119.200NoneMontgomery Field - Tower
118.225NoneMontgomery Field - Ground
123.725NoneMontgomery Field - Clearance
122.850NoneGibbs Flying Service FBO (KMYF)
123.500NoneCrown Air Aviation FBO (KMYF)

Federal Government

173.450$197Border Patrol - Brown Field 1
172.1875$195Border Patrol - Brown Field 2


20496CitySan Diego Park Ranger Tac 1
20528CitySan Diego Park Ranger Tac 2


9968CitySan Diego USD - Police Dispatch
11248CitySan Diego USD - Police Tac 1
11344CitySan Diego USD - Police Tac 2
9808CitySan Diego USD - Police Admin
27888CitySan Diego Community College District - Police Dispatch
27920CitySan Diego Community College District - Police Tac 1
27952CitySan Diego Community College District - Police Tac 2
27984CitySan Diego Community College District - Police Tac 3