La Mesa

Scanner frequencies and talkgroups for La Mesa.


La Mesa Police uses the San Diego County RCS and can be heard on the South Zone.

36688RCSDispatch 1
36704RCSDispatch 2
36720RCSTac 1
36736RCSTac 2
36752RCSTac 3
36800RCSSpecial Response Team
36784RCSRetired Senior Volunteer Patrol


La Mesa is dispatched by Heartland Communications Facility Authority. They are on the San Diego County RCS and use the South Zone.

11632RCSDispatch 1A
11568RCSZone 1B
11664RCSCommand 1C
816RCSTac 1D
848RCSTac 1E
11600RCSCommand 1F
11696RCSTac 1G
1104RCSTac 1H
1136RCSCommand 1I
912RCSTac 1J
944RCSTac 1K
1200RCSCommand 1L
1232RCSTac 1M
880RCSTac 1N - Gillespie Field