Chula Vista Scanner Frequencies

Here you will find scanner frequencies, talkgroups and other information about scanning in Chula Vista. If anyone has additional Chula Vista scanner frequencies (or for other areas in the South Bay), please submit them.


37328RCSDispatch 1
37344RCSDispatch 2
37360RCSPatrol Tac 1
37536RCSPatrol Tac 2
37584RCSPatrol Tac 3
37600RCSPatrol Tac 4
37680RCSTraffic Tac 3
37696RCSTraffic Tac 4
37520RCSInvestigations Tac 3
37568RCSInvestigations Tac 4
37552RCSNarcotics Enforcement Team
37664RCSSchool Tac 3
37712RCSSchool Tac 4
37616RCSStreet Team Tac 3
37632RCSStreet Team Tac 4
37648RCSSWAT Team
37744RCSHostage Negotiation Team


Chula Vista contracts with San Diego Fire for dispatching services. They are on the San Diego County Regional Communications System and can be heard on the South Cell.

20784RCSAdmin 6A 
20752RCSDispatch 6B 
20816RCSCommand 6C 
2640RCSTac 6D 
2672RCSTac 6E 
20976RCSCommand 6F 
20912RCSTac 6G 
20944RCSTac 6H 
1424RCSCommand 6I 
1456RCSTac 6J 
1488RCSTac 6K 
21008RCSCommand 6L 
20848RCSTac 6M 
20880RCSTac 6N 
2608RCSEmergency 6P 

Federal Government

173.975$191Border Patrol - Chula Vista 1
170.0625$193Border Patrol - Chula Vista 2